To ensure minority women on its staff have the opportunity to pursue valuable professional development, the City of South Fulton has launched the South Fulton Female Minority Leadership Development Program.

A year-long, monthly initiative developed with LeaderGov, the program will provide staff leadership, management, and teamwork training. The program will also equip participants with the necessary skills to move up within the organization and advance their careers.

“It is imperative that we ensure equity in all service areas within the city,” explained City Manager Odie Donald II. “This program aims to advance and equip emerging female leaders within the city by introducing them to the realities, opportunities, and challenges relevant to executive leadership.

He added, “We’ve selected a dynamic group of female minority employees to receive executive-level leadership to give them an opportunity to rise through the ranks.”

Scheduled for October, the first workshop will focus on training attendees on how to lead themselves, including self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and servant leadership.

Other sessions will address alignment of vision, goals, and strategy; performance management and accountability; communication; building trust; creating a motivating environment; encouraging healthy conflict, and developing others.

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, LeaderGov conducts retreats and provides training and strategy development assistance for municipal and county governments throughout the Southeast.

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