Longtime Cobb County educator Chinita Allen said she is working diligently to change the lives of Cobb County residents.

As a result, now Allen will be running in the Georgia House of Representatives District 44 general election on Nov. 6 against incumbent Don Parsons.

Allen ran unopposed in the primary elections on May 22 and is now gearing up her campaign push to unseat Parsons, who has served in his post for more than 30 years. Parsons was first elected in 1994.

Allen said her campaign is committed to producing positive results in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career pathways; educational improvement; implementation of technical schools; and economic and workforce development.

As a school teacher, Allen said she has been recognized in her community for her leadership skills, and her willingness to identify and voice educational concerns.

Though she is a first-time candidate, she said she is not a stranger to community service and hard work.

“I am an engaged and recognized member of the community,” Allen said. “I preach my platform and walk my platform.”

Though running for office may be a new challenge for Allen, she said she has many inspirations that fuel her drive. Allen plans to join the growing number of African-American women who are now serving as public officials.

After years of witnessing her mother’s work ethic, Allen said that the majority of her activism stems from the “example of seeing women making decisions and negotiating on many levels.”

Allen has demonstrated her passion for community engagement for “seven to eight years,” she said. Her biggest challenge now is encouraging others to get out and vote.

Ultimately, Allen wants to showcase her political presence to more citizens and entice them to vote.

Overall, Allen said she has major plans for improving Cobb County and that she has a real desire to represent the voice of the working people.

Allen wants voters to know that she has a plan to be an “engaged representative,” and illustrate a “responsive leader in office.”

Allen has served in a host of leadership positions, including the legislative chair of education, Georgia State Parent Teacher Association; District 3 director of the Georgia Science Teacher Association and founding member of the Center for Human Rights: Women’s Solidarity Society.

As a result of working with the Georgia Department of Education, Allen will be working on behalf of many of her co-workers. Because of this, she said she feels confident in her stance and her goals.

In fact, she said that running for the office of house representative is a “natural transition” from the work she has already accomplished within the community.

She believes running for office is “meant to be” for the betterment of her community, and being elected would be a “community affair.”

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