Atlanta native Adria D. Hookes, who has branded herself as “The Business Bae,” said she is committed to providing quality business coaching to women entrepreneurs.

In the year and a half since she launched the brand in January 2017, Hookes has traded an unfilling career in information technology to change the lives of women who want to see their businesses thrive.

According to Hookes, Business Bae aims to help women-owned businesses thrive. Her business model is simple: she teaches women business owners a number of motivational techniques, as well as how they can better utilize public and private resources they may not know are available to them.

“I call myself ‘The Business Bae’ because my job is to help entrepreneurs fall in love with their brands. Essentially, we fall in love with it together,” Hookes explained. “It’s a love brand.”

In fact, Hookes takes a very hands-on approach when assessing her client’s needs. Hookes has every client to take an extensive survey and personality test, which helps her determine what business strategies would be most advantageous to her client and their business.

So what exactly is the Business Bae process? Hookes said her process is very detailed. Beginning with an initial consultation, Hookes said she then identifies their needs and or problems within their business.

During the consultation, assesses if the client is a good fit and if the coaching packages can provide the right solutions for the business owner’s needs. If it is determined that the entrepreneur is a good fit, rates are provided and a period of 24 hours is given for the client to make a decision to move forward with services.

Once the client decides to move forward, she goes through an onboarding process with the ‘Business Bae’ executive business administrator. During the onboarding process, the business owner receives a welcome email, client intake form and contract.

Once the forms and contracts are signed over, the client is able to schedule their first session with Hookes and the amount of sessions is dependent upon the type of package that best suits their business needs.

Ongoing needs are at the discretion of the client but if they are needed once the initial package services are completed, Hookes and the entrepreneur are able to discuss any additional needs.

Before shifting careers to become a business coach, Hookes worked in the information technology industry. Motivated by a dream of owning her own cybersecurity firm, she felt her calling pulling her in a different direction.

Gaining experience and getting her initial start through social media coaching, Hookes empowered women by helping them expand their brands and businesses on social media platforms.

Through offering social media coaching, Hookes noticed that some women weren’t experiencing success in their businesses because their visions weren’t clear.

This, in turn, led to a focusing on her own vision; Hookes decided to concentrate solely on business coaching, a move that led to the creation of her “The Business Bae” brand.

Hookes got her start in coaching in 2016, specifically helping brands enhance their social media following. However, after a few sessions and helping clients, she decided to take it a step further.

To gain more credibility and establish trust amongst future clients, Hookes registered to an accredited academy and became a Certified Business Coach.

Before coaching, Hookes said she was able to grow her online tribe to over 11,000 women and successfully made six figures in nine months from digital marketing on Facebook alone.

Working as a social media strategist as well as a global speaker, she continues to build an extensive portfolio of clients and businesses. Hookes is the founder and CEO of the Divine Success Sister Network, The Business Bae and Powerful Men in Style.  

A piece of advice she gives to every client: Drive and discipline are the keys to being successful as an entrepreneur.

Hookes is propelling businesses forward and helping her clients create sustainable and profitable businesses that the public will love.

One of Hookes’ success stories is The company first began as an online boutique but has grown into a six-figure brand with a brick and mortar location.

Hookes provided an initial consultation and worked to identify brand clarity, a vision, and created SMART goals to complete each step of her action plan.

Goal Setting, accountability, deciding which investments to make helped grow the business to attract more than 15,000 followers on Instagram, which generates thousands of website visitors each day and consistent leads to stock sellouts.

Many clients have spoken highly of Hookes and her Business Bae work, with clients acknowledging the validity of Hookes’ methods, her services are worth the time and prices.

“This program is a game changer. It truly transforms you into the businesswoman you were created to be,” said Shavona Whitehead, a youth minister from Beltsville, Maryland. “(Hookes) pulls things out of you that you didn’t know were there and pushed you through her wealth of wisdom and knowledge. She flows for power and information and refuses to allow those she coaches to settle.”

You can learn more and access Hookes’ services at and keep up with her on social media @thebusinessbae.

Adria Hookes calls herself the Business Bae. (Photo: Submitted)

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