Antonio Brown beat Byron Amos in the April 16th District 3 Atlanta City Council special runoff election and is the first black openly gay candidate elected to the council.

The election was to fill the seat after Councilman Ivory Lee Young Jr., 56, died of cancer in November.

With all 16 precincts reporting, according to the Fulton County Elections and Registration Department website, Brown had 53.26 percent of the vote.

“I’m encouraged,” Amos said. “The people of District 3 spoke on the type of leadership they wanted and who they wanted to represent them. … The answer to that question was Antonio Brown. I was not disappointed at all. I am still dedicated and determined to be a part of this district and help this district grow in the right way.”

Amos said he was endorsed by seven council members: Michael Julian Bond, Matt Westmoreland. Dustin Hillis, J.P. Matzigkeit, Carla Smith, Andrea Boone and Joyce Sheperd.

Brown, 34, said he was endorsed by the Atlanta North Georgia Central Labor Council; District 39 State Rep. Erica Thomas, D-Austell; District 58 State Rep. Park Cannon, D-Atlanta; former council President Cathy Woolard; the Revs. Joe Beasley and James Butler; System 5 Electronics President Maceo Antonio Brown; Synergy Development Partners; MTV President Chris McCarthy and the Victory Fund.

The LGBTQ Victory Fund donated $3,000 to Brown’s campaign.

While the seat is filled, only a small fraction— 1,256 voters — decided the race for a district with nearly 40,000 residents that stretches from the historically black, low-income Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods to Atlantic Station and the Westside Provisions District.

Graphic: Georgia Public Broadcasting

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