Earlier this week, BrewDog announced they were expanding to Georgia with a new location on the Atlanta Beltline.

BrewDog will be at 112 Krog Street NE in Atlanta, GA and will bring a retail space of 12,000 square feet and have an outdoor area that boasts another 2,700 square feet. BrewDog also has a few initiatives in place as well to offset carbon.

In fact, the company is bringing a carbon-negative approach and creative offerings to the community when they open in 2022 during the spring.

The move came together for the UK-based outfit after they were connected to Asana Partners who showed BrewDog the “development and specific site at Krog Street,” Special Projects and Development Manager at BrewDog USA Keith Bennet said. 

“We immediately knew it was a great opportunity with an awesome partner,” Bennet added. “Upon visiting the site and area we knew it was something we could not pass up.”

With BrewDog coming to the Beltline, the move was another step in Asana Partners’ plans for the Krog District redevelopment.

Asana Partners released details in April of their comprehensive and adaptive reuse project that is aimed at adding more dynamic retail and creative office spaces to the area while restoring and enhancing the existing properties.

Although details of their new breezeway through Atlanta Stove Works is a key feature of their redevelopment plan, nothing further has been mentioned although renderings for BrewDog show an outdoor area with a breezeway-like look.

“The fact that the space has frontage and an entrance on the beltline is really important,” Bennet said. “It’s such a good amenity for the city and connects so many different neighborhoods. We love the fact that we are also connected to everyone via the beltline. It is a hive of activity and we are glad to be part of it.”

Asana Partners mentioned on April 13th that the multiuse area created by the breezeway will also complement a planned four-story building that will provide 28,000 square-feet of ground-level retail and office space along with a new 186-space parking garage.

“The demand for community-oriented, authentic brands like BrewDog is not going away anytime soon,” Katie Grissom, Managing Director at Asana Partners said. “They will be an excellent addition to The Krog District and serve as the entry point to the project from the BeltLine Eastside Trail. We are excited about the new additions to The Krog District and will have more retailer announcements in the coming months.”

There is also another building planned that will be three-stories and offer another 31,000 square feet of retail and office space.

“ATL is obviously a major US city and hub and we have always wanted to have a presence there,” Bennet said. “It also has an amazing beer scene that we hope to be a small part of. Krog Street was the perfect opportunity for us to plant a flag in an incredible iconic US city.”

BrewDog’s timetable for their move begins with development slated for December through the time they open in Spring and have a few plans for their menu as well. Although details of the menu aren’t actively, Bennet said that they’ll always try to have a “couple menu items that nod to the local cuisine.”

“To be determined on what exactly that will look like in Atlanta,” Bennet said.

The targeted audience for BrewDog will also be aimed at craft beer geeks and those who’ve never tried craft beer before.

“Given the craft beer scene in Atlanta is growing exponentially, we’re looking forward to welcoming all walks of life — from craft beer geeks to people who have never tried craft beer before, we just want to make people as passionate about craft beer as we are,” Bennet said. “Also, we think being carbon negative will be appealing to local consumers, especially those of younger demographics who are more likely to keep sustainability at the core of their decision making.”

BrewDog announced in 2020 that they were going Carbon negative and stand by the initiative when they move to Georgia.

“BrewDog is carbon negative, which means we remove twice the amount of CO2 as we emit,” Bennet said. “We are the only carbon negative brewery on the planet, so consumers can feel good about drinking our beer.”

According to the BrewDog Mega Report, for 2021, their ambitious targets are working as their plan to make their direct operations be net-zero by 2022.

BrewDog Atlanta location rendering. Submitted Photo: BrewDog

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