It’s been a little over a month since Bow Wow and his on-and-off girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie were both arrested and charged with Battery Substantial Physical Harm in Atlanta on Super Bowl weekend.

The two had a physical confrontation inside their Atlanta apartment, and afterward photos surfaced that showed the rapper with multiple scratches on his face.

There was also video footage seen from inside an elevator that showed Bow Wow aggressively getting in Leslie’s face and seemingly yelling at her.

On Tuesday, March 12, he talked about the incident for the first time during an interview on “The Quicksilva Show” and was asked how it felt to be clowned when the photos of his injuries surfaced. That’s because there were countless memes from people who said Leslie beat him up.

“Honestly, I didn’t feel no type of way at all,” Bow Wow stated. “Once the photo came out of me, and they saw the two and compared, that’s when everything switched.”

“I actually saw a lot of men fighting for me,” he added. “Saying like, yo, ‘If that was me it would’ve been a different situation. For him to carry it out the way he carried it out, you gotta respect that.’ ‘Cause I had a comedy roast in Atlanta, and every comedian said ‘You better than me, ‘cause for you to look like that.’”

Plus the reality star said if the roles were reversed and Leslie was seen in photos with scratches on her face, it would still be a news story. But his injuries were only in the news for a couple of days.

After the interview concluded, some agreed with Bow Wow that he was the victim of a double standard, while others brought up the video of him yelling at Leslie.

“So just act like people didn’t feel differently after that video surfaced? Oh okay cool got it lol,” on Instagram user wrote.

“Regardless who the aggressor was, if her face looked like his y’all still woulda dragged him so…..its a lose lose if you ask me but since yall didn’t ima mind the business that pays me,” another person followed.

“If he doesn’t shut the hell up,” a third person commented. “His aggressive ass damn near attacked her in the elevator, AN ENCLOSED SPACE, surrounded by other men. He has no right to play the victim because his behavior is also abusive.”

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