One of the first things I have learned about Atlanta, in my short time here, is that this is a transplant city with an old soul. Most of the entrepreneurs I’ve met while writing about business have been from far flung parts of the world and now their hearts are in the city. Lloyd George, owner of Big Loop Community, is no exception. He loves Atlanta and a decade into his local story this Zimbabwe native is always eager to share his passion for both his homeland and his business headquarters. His company, Big Loop, is an Atlanta based web design company specializing in business websites in a diverse array of sectors. Their work with both banks and small business owners has helped Big Loop to grow quickly over the its two years of operation.

I spoke with Big Loop owner, Lloyd George, about what it is like to start a business in Atlanta. Mr. George told me, “Starting a business in Atlanta is different than in other cities because we have resources available.” He pointed me toward an Atlanta-based resource called SCORE Atlanta ( According to their website, “SCORE Atlanta is a non-profit resource partner of the [U.S.] Small Business Administration. [They are] small business experts and have been helping people fulfill their dreams since 1964. [Their] chapter is part of an organization of over 11,000+ volunteers with 320+ offices across the nation.” I asked about the importance of writing your business plan. Mr George told me that in the future business plans might, “become extinct and unnecessary.” While every story is unique, he told me he focused on three central elements. His mission statement, operating budget, and “go to market” strategy.

Finally we spoke about how he handles work/life balance. Mr. George told me that while making time for family and friends can be hard as a small business owner, he found that if you place time off and family time into your schedule, then it becomes part of your job and makes it easier. Mr. George also mentioned a lesson he took from a book called, “The Dip” by Seth Godin. Sometimes when you think you are at the bottom, you are really just in a “dip” that will not last forever. That is great advice for all the future business owners. It is easy to see why clients like to work with Big Loop Community on website projects.

Big Loop is a multinational company of sorts with development teams that stretch across the globe. They have an impressive client list and they are still growing. Big Loop is also a local Atlanta owned company. They can be reached at or at 833-566-7244.

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