With all that the entertainment industry has to offer, music lovers and behind-the-scenes professionals came together to take part in BACKSTAGE. Created by CEO/Founder of Gatekeepers Agency Darius Bradley, BACKSTAGE is a multi-expert panel discussion for those aspiring to have a career in entertainment.

The former personal assistant to actor Rotimi, Bradley created the panel for media professionals, musicians, and creatives to learn more about the entertainment industry from those who create the behind-the-scenes magic.

From the outside, the entertainment industry seems glamorous with endless perks. Invites to exclusive events and bein around some of the biggest names in Hollywood seems exciting. However, its the “not so glamorous” roles that make it all possible.

CEO/Founder of Mor.Bookings Agency Scott Morris, 96.7 FM Radio Host DJ Jazzy T, A&R Consultant Ty Sanders, Bradley, Musician Ten, Southeast Regional Promotions Director of Roc Nation Joy Young, and Publicist Brittany Lenair all gave their thoughts on the dos and don’ts of making it in the industry at Stankonia Studios.

The panel members described the significant sacrifices that they had to endure to get their junior or senior level positions.

For Bradley, the presence of DJ’s, writers, publicists, promoters, stylists, and assistants made it easier for him to make his point concerning being mindful of your surroundings and the people in the room.

“Someone’s always paying attention to you, so I’m always mindful of what I’m saying and who I’m around because people can use that against you one day,” Bradley said.

With 11 years in business, DJ Jazzy T stated, “there are roles that people take for granted, they don’t realize that to be a Drake, it takes a whole team, not just one individual can do this.”

The radio host also spoke on the diversity of artists. “Don’t just limit yourself. Acting, singing, being a creative artist are so many different lanes that you can dive into that will help you.”

Another discussion that took place was the difference between booking agents and managers.

“The booking agent is the person who is supposed to build the relationships with the promoters and be able to pitch and give different opportunities,” said Morris.

“You’re supposed to be knowledgeable about everything that’s going on for opportunities for shows. The manager then has to play that role of negotiating prices.”

Regardless if an artist has a booking agent or a manager, everyone could agree that artists should utilize platforms such as Spotify and social media to build a fan base. Especially since artists who learn how to market themselves and network with promoters can prosper.

According to these professionals, not only do they know when someone has an ineffective bute team, but they can also tell when someone buys followers on Twitter and Instagram.

It’s all about analytics. When your following on Instagram and Twitter doesn’t reflect in your likes, comments, and retweets, it shows. Social media platforms thrive on interaction, not shallow likes. Also, no one likes it when you try to shove your content down their throats by repeatedly posting.

With the success of BACKSTAGE, Bradley has expressed that he plans on expanding the event for festivals and conferences. Ultimately, he would like to collaborate with Revolt Music Conference.

(Photo: UmeekImage)
(Photo: UmeekImage)

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