Atlanta rapper and reality TV personality Waka Flocka may have sold millions of records and graced the small screen alongside his wife, Tammy Rivera, but it’s perhaps his mindset of maturation that’s been making headlines. 

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star’s recent viral popularity blossomed as a result of a recent interview with COMPLEX Magazine, where he not only announced that he’d retired from rapping but also said, “…why was I rapping… I’m rich. I wanted to be rich. So, from that time to right now, I wanted to figure out how I could become a billionaire and multimillionaire off of business.” 

He doubled down on these thoughts while wife Rivera echoed his sentiments during a sit-down with The Atlanta Voice at The Gathering Spot to expound briefly about marriage life following their recent vow renewal and how it ties into the show while debunking the reality TV show myths.

As the iconic Hip Hop couple anticipate up for the release of their new WeTV show, “Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka,” the dynamic duo revealed a few secrets to saving their union while navigating the challenges of both maintaining busy careers.

WeTV’s “Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST.

As you prepare to face the media’s hard-hitting questions to promote the show, how would you describe the current state of your marriage?

RIVERA: One word – STRONG!

FLOCKA: Solid!

Viewers often see reality television as a saving grace to a perhaps “failing career” or as a holder when the limelight is simmering down. Why do this show?

FLOCKA: I already made my money through rap. I don’t ‘need’ this the way some probably think. You got to remember; I got a real wife with me. You can’t have a marriage and not want to add your platform to help your spouse. If I bounce to something, she is too. 

The show is a platform for her too. Why would I want to stop my wife from gaining? The platform is super huge! Look what it did for the Kardashians. Why not find a way to make that mogul money get longer.?

RIVERA: There’s always a misconception because no one wants to ask questions outside of what they see. What people have seen in the past are only the headlines about cheating, misconduct and things that sell quickly for the mess. Our show really helps to chronicle our lives

During your interview with COMPLEX, you [Flocka] mentioned that you were already a millionaire during your early 20s. If you were already “rich,” how does this show tie into your now prospective goals?

RIVERA: Let me get in on this! My husband has already conquered music to his satisfaction with the room to do more. He already hit the urban world and, most of the time, his shows have a lot of white college kids. 

It’s easy to say he doesn’t need the show because he doesn’t. A mogul in the making makes moves to elevate the wealth and our show doesn’t compromise that goal. 

FLOCKA: I can’t speak for others, but I can speak for me. When things change in the industry, you move with it. Rather than keep finding what could be wrong, learn to value yourself and figure out where making a dollar can make sense and add to your brand.

(Photo: WeTV)
(Photo: WeTV)

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