Every year, the US Government awards billions in contracts to businesses for products and services to the government. For small business owners, it may seem impossible to obtain one of these contracts, but it’s not totally out of the question. It’s just a matter of adhering to guidelines and obtaining certificates to get around the bureaucratic red tape.

That’s where The Aubash Group LLC fits in to help these businesses breakthrough and land a government contract. The Aubash Group founder Toron Smith knows from experience the landscape of winning a government contract. An Atlanta transplant, he’s been in the area since 1998 and has seen it all.

“When I was going through this process 8 years ago, I had to figure out the red tape for myself. I had to educate myself, successfully bid on and completed multiple contracts.” says, Smith.  “I’m not trying to tell people things or show them things I haven’t done. I built this model [from the] inside out, I know what our people need to be successful in the government contracting market.”

Smith is not only an expert on how to get your hands on a government contract, but he also specializes in helping minorities and women-owned business achieve these coveted prizes. “What I am trying to do is create a way for my people to get into the government contracting business by lowering the financial hurdles and cutting the red tape,” says Smith.

In addition to contracts the include construction, mechanics, and military logistics, the government issues out contracts to business that handle services in other industries as well. Federal, State, and Local Governments require services in maintenance, landscaping, marketing, janitorial service, transportation, office supply, and even the real estate industry.

Through The Aubash Group, small businesses can receive access to the federal government’s contracting system by way certification, education, and business partnerships. Each business gets certified for contract procurement with the government.

The Aubash Group works with each business, educating them on the proper use of their certification through an online one-on-one live webinar business education course. Their job is to simplify and quicken the process of learning the “lingo” of government business contracts.

According to Smith, “Once a business has completed the certification and education process, The Aubash Group begins to seek procurement opportunities along with partnerships for each client.”

These partnerships allow small or new businesses to bid for larger contracts through joint ventures with more established companies. The more established companies are part of The Aubash Group’s Preferred Vendor Program.

“If I can do my part to uplift the economic foundations of our people, then collectively we are better.” Smith says.

Smith formed his company with the idea that he’d like to help provide opportunities for growth to small businesses. He especially feels compelled to help minorities and women receive access to the government contracting marketplace.  

The Aubash Group is hosting an educational summit on Wednesday, Nov. 14th at 111 Cone Street, Atlanta with events from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Speakers include President of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce.

You can get more information at INFO@theAubashGroup.com or call 910-556-3451.

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