The Atlanta City Council adopted legislation Monday to anticipate and appropriate funds awarded to the City from the American Rescue Plan Act, a federal relief package approved by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden in March (Legislative Reference No. 21-O-0175). The American Rescue Plan is one of the largest economic rescue packages in the nation’s history, which included providing $1.9 trillion in relief for state and local governments and hard-hit industries and communities to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Council also approved legislation authorizing a two-year contract with a one-year renewal option in an amount not to exceed approximately $5.4 million for DeKalb Avenue safety improvements, including resurfacing, replacing damaged sidewalks, and installing new signage (Legislative Reference No. 21-R-3556).
Other items approved Monday include:
• An ordinance to transfer $1 million from the City’s Fiscal Year 2021 General Fund to the Capital Finance Fund to fund street light installation and improvements to increase the City’s streetlight footprint with a focus on areas with high rates of traffic crashes and crime (Legislative Reference No.  21-O-0371).
• An ordinance authorizing an encroachment agreement with the Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame to grant the right to install the Walk of Fame in the public right-of-way along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (Legislative Reference No. 21-O-0372).
• An ordinance ratifying the mayor’s executive order to allow permitted outdoor gatherings of up to 19,999 people if the gatherings occur in compliance with the COVID-19 mitigation requirements set forth in the COVID-19 Special Events Permit Overlay (Legislative Reference No. 21-O-0370).

• An ordinance to amend the City’s Code of Ordinances to repeal a provision that places a limit on the total number of bus shelters in the right-of-way (Legislative Reference No. 21-O-0364).
• An ordinance ratifying the mayor’s executive order for the chief financial officer to allocate up to $3.5 million to contribute to funding efforts of the nonprofit and philanthropic communities to provide individual shelter options with supportive services for people experiencing homelessness and allocate up to $500,000 for the City’s Vaccine Equity Campaign to provide increased vaccination awareness and access (Legislative Reference No. 21-O-0368).

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