With spring around the corner, shopping-crazed Atlantans will be treading through numerous stores in hopes of revamping their upcoming spring wardrobes. However, finding great affordable places to shop can be discouraging, to say the least.

With experience working with celebrities during New York Fashion Week, to providing looks for business executives, creative director and fashion stylist Jeffrey Vallier understands both the importance and difficulty in finding trendy yet affordable stores, especially in Atlanta.

Vallier is one of the go-to guys for fashion in Atlanta, selecting clothing and accessories for advertising campaigns, editorial features, concert performances, music videos, and television appearances.

“Trina Kirk and Mr. Kirk have some great high-end fashion finds,” said Vallier. “The materials they use can also be very forgiving for most people. Their brand is really affordable fashion without having to pay a luxury price. Another amazing find for great affordable prices is Macy’s.”

“Likewise, Pink Sky Boutique is a great option that houses fashion steals that won’t break the bank.”

According to The Zoe Report, there is quite the selection of trends that will be making a splash this season. With the influence of the 2019 Spring New York Fashion Week.

Nothing But Knit
Knitwear is a great way to add some layered style into your spring wardrobe while also staying cool at the same time. Stay in control by showing as much or as little skin as you want. Throw some heavy netting over a swimsuit for a fresh beach look or some lighter netting over a maxi dress for a day out on the town.

Team Tie-Dye
Tie-dye is definitely an oldie but goodie, and this goodie is making a major comeback this season. The once dated rock-inspired look is now refreshed and ready to hit the Atlanta streets. Add some rainbow into your wardrobe with a tie-dye blouse tucked into some jeans.

Golden Dreams
Of course, you have to shine bright this spring, what perfect way to do this than to add a pop of color. Two vibrant colors to watch out for this season are turmeric orange and canary yellow. “Neon is one of the boldest trends for the season. It takes a basic outfit and makes it a little more fashionable and trendy. Color can make an outfit happy and more appealing to the eye,” said Vallier.

Head Drama
Under the pounding sun, sweaty hair is just not an option. A fast and fashionable way to get your hair up and out of the way is to throw on a headscarf. “You could take a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a nice heel then just add a headscarf to turn your basic outfit into a stylish comfortable street look.” Wherever you go, it’ll always be a statement.

Pleat and Thank You
Expect to see pleats in a way you’ve never seen them before. They have been reinvented and reincorporated into garments such as dresses and skirts with an added twist. Adding pleats has never been cooler.

Closet Chaos
After you’re done shopping, often times it’s challenging to maintain adequate organizational skills while hanging up new fashions. Vallier shares some tips on how to keep a pristine closet away from chaos. “The first step is to go through and eliminate pieces that have not been worn or are not classic pieces. From there, it’s about assessing what you have and figuring out what pieces you can incorporate into what you already have. The biggest thing is people don’t know exactly what’s in their closet so once you figure that out you can figure out what you need to buy.”

Classics For Keeps
While organizing your closet, don’t forget to keep those classic pieces handy. “A little black dress is always a necessity, it’s never going to go out of style so make sure you always keep one in your closet. No matter the style of denim, denim is always in. For example, denim jackets. Silk pieces are always a good way to dress something up or dress something down,” Vallier added, “for men, those classic pieces are a little different. Denim is still always a must-have. A suit in a gray, black or navy color is always a good thing to keep as well as brown and black dress shoes. Streetwear changes a lot due to trends but leather biker jackets are always amazing.”

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