As Black History Month draws to a close, a few Atlanta-area schools are keeping the celebrations going. Here are five BHM events schools have to offer for their students, parents and the general public:

“Black History Month Parade” Feb. 23  | South Atlanta High School
Fresh off of three Super Bowl performances, South Atlanta High’s band will perform at the annual Black History Month Parade Saturday morning.

Band Director Jamont Lane said about 90 of his band students will participate and are excited to have a new dance routine to go along with it.

The parade kicks off at Hurt Park at 11 a.m. People can check out the full parade route on the event’s official website.


“Aspiring to Become” Feb. 26 | Barack and Michelle Obama Academy

For the BaMO Academy’s third annual Black History Month celebration, the public can attend a PTA Awards Dinner at 5 p.m., a performing arts program at 6 p.m., and a silent auction and vendor fair from 5-8 p.m.

Academy students and celebrity choreographer Anthony Burrell will perform a scene from “Raisin in the Sun.” Parent Liaison Richard Harris said the audience will see famous dancers, musicians, and vocalists “come alive.”

“We’ve created the performing arts program here,” Harris said. “We’re the only one in the elementary school level for Atlanta public schools that has drama, dance, music, theatre, and art. So our kids are demonstrating their talent, working with their teachers, through this program on (Tuesday).”

Tickets are $3 for kids, $10 for adults, and can be bought from the Eventbrite site. The Gwendolyn George Auditorium, located at 970 Martin St. Southeast, will host the play.


“Lift Every Voice: A Celebration of African-American Composers” Feb. 26 | Mays High School

This free, public concert is set to feature various genres of music and dance across the African diaspora. Those interested can visit the school’s theatre at 3450 Benjamin E. Mays Drive Southwest at 6:30 p.m.


Dancing Through the Ages”  Feb. 28  | Cascade Elementary School

In Cascade’s first celebration of the sort, students will perform dances from different eras and present a variety of inventions by Black people.

“I chair the events committee, and this year, we definitely wanted to have a Black history program in addition to the activities that we have going on throughout the week,” said Danielle Arnold. “The big program will be the last day of the month, and we wanted to make it big for the first time so that it can continue to grow.”

The program starts at 9 a.m. at 2326 Venetian Drive Southwest.


“Black History Wax Museum”  Feb 28  | Springdale Park Elementary School

For the first time ever, Springdale Park will have a “wax museum,” open to both students and parents.

Classes in all grade levels will select a student to dress up as a historical Black figure and have a button on their hand.

When someone presses the button, the kid will tell them facts about who they’re representing.

School Counselor Tamla Watkins said the museum is a “showcase of African-American individuals.” Thus, the theme is African-Americans: Our Influence in the World.

When asked who came up with the idea for a wax museum, Watkins said it was Principal Terry Harness Jr.

“It was kind of surprising; we had never done anything like that as a school,” Watkins said. “Because we do International Night and all these other highlights, (Harness) was like, ‘We need to highlight Black history.’ So we kind of got our Black history wax museum together.”

There will also be art and music from the students during the museum. While there, visitors will be able to see the door decorations and bulletin boards some teachers have put up.

The schoolwide program will last from 12:40-1:45 p.m. in Springdale Park’s gym, located at 803 Briarcliff Road Northeast.

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