What apps do you use on your phone, other than social media, that you’d recommend?

Moya Leung – McDonough, Ga.
“Some apps that I have on my phone are Google Docs because I just type assignments on my phone or, like, Google Calendar so that I can keep up with events.”

Liv Pierre – Kennesaw, Ga.
“The apps I have on my phone is ‘1100 Quotes’ and the Bible app. I use thos apps everyday as a daily motivation for me. Everytime I wake up… to put the work in everyday. “

Casey Prout – Atlanta, Ga.
“One app I have on my phone that is not social media is ‘HQ.’ It’s a trivia game that you can win money off of. So as you go along, if you get the answer wrong you get eliminated. But if you keep getting the answers right, you only have to answer questions and you could win a good amount of mone for just sitting there for 10 minutes. “

Shamar Moore – Atlanta, Ga.
“One app I have on my phone is the ‘BitConnect’ app. I have it on my phone because a wise man once said, ‘you should have more i’s in your bank account than c’s.’ I’s meaning investments. C’s meaning consumption. I encourage (people) to invest their money and time into things that will give back to them in the long run. “

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