Pictured: Melvin Everson, Former Georgia State Representative. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Melvin Everson)

By Melvin Everson | Former Georgia State Representative

Like a snake oil salesman riding into town, the purpose of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ visit to Georgia is to try and sell Georgians on a plan that would erode the integrity of our elections wrapped in a shiny package labeled “voting rights.”

At the behest of Georgia’s radical senator, Raphael Warnock, the Biden administration has renewed its push to pass H.R. 4 and the Freedom to Vote Act, or as they should be known as the Election Suppression Act and Freedom to “Cheat.”

Raphael Warnock and Joe Biden have both urged using every available tool to jam the Election Suppression Act and Freedom to “Cheat” through the Senate, including eliminating the Senate’s filibuster.

Joe Biden and Georgia Democrats have attempted numerous times to make the Election Suppression Act, Freedom to “Cheat,” and other similar proposals law. Yet, each time they have failed.

Georgians and the American people at large, aren’t and won’t be sold on Democrats’ fake bag of goods.

Neither the Election Suppression Act or Freedom to “Cheat” is about securing the right to vote. These bills are nothing more than a liberal power grab designed to secure Democrat victories.

Last year, while under immense protest from the radical left, Georgia passed SB202 which standardized ballot drop boxes, expanded early voting and enacted voter I.D. requirements for absentee ballots.

Put another way, Georgia made it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

These bills would not only eliminate common-sense election integrity measures, but would also eviscerate the right of states to manage their own elections.

The core of the Election Suppression Act is a provision that would reinstate a section of the Voting Rights Act known as “preclearance.” The original purpose of the “preclearance” provision of the Voting Rights Act, was to ensure states with historically oppressive and racist voting laws were abiding by the spirit of the Voting Rights Act.

With Georgia’s election laws permitting “no-excuse” absentee voting, multiple weeks of early voting, and secure ballot drop boxes, the Peach State provides greater access to the ballot box than a great number of Democrat-run states like New York, New Jersey, and Delaware, rendering “preclearance” unnecessary.

By reinstating the Voting Rights Act “preclearance” provision, Georgia would have to get approval from the Department of Justice before making any common-sense legislative changes to its election processes. The same Department of Justice that is currently suing Georgia over SB202.

With 68% of voters wanting their election laws managed at a state level, the issue of “preclearance” is just another reason Joe Biden and Georgia Democrats like Raphael Warnock have failed time and time again to pass their elections takeover bill.

To pass the Election Suppression Act, Georgia Democrats have spent the past year spreading costly lies about Georgia’s election laws. Since their numerous attempts were unsuccessful, with Raphael Warnock leading the charge and Joe Biden’s blessing, they’re deciding to tear up the Senate’s rules.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ visit to Georgia is not about promoting voting rights, it’s about selling a Democrat power grab. As a senator, Joe Biden railed against eliminating the filibuster saying it would be a “fundamental power grab by the majority part.”

Now, with his approval ratings underwater and facing enormous pressure from radical activists, Joe Biden is joining Warnock in his “arrogance of power.”

Georgians are seeing right through Democrats’ charade.

While Democrats are promoting power grabs, Republicans are standing with the 66% of voters who want reform to make sure elections are fair and free of voter fraud.

If we want to maintain the integrity of our elections and ensure Georgia remains a state where it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat, then Georgians must continue to stand up a make their voices heard.

By fighting back against their radical power grabs and holding them accountable this November, Georgians will be proving the truth: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Georgia Democrats are too radical for the Peach State.