(CNN) — Oscar winning actor Viola Davis is pausing work on her upcoming movie, “G20,” amid the actors’ and writers’ strikes, despite having been granted permission by the guild to move forward with the project, according to a statement provided to the Los Angeles Times and other news outlets.

“I love this movie, but I do not feel that it would be appropriate for this production to move forward during the strike,” Davis said in the statement.

While Hollywood has ground to a halt due to parallel writers’ and actors’ strikes, some productions have been allowed to continue filming, including those that are not associated with one of the major studios.

G20” is among dozens of independent projects that have been granted a waiver by SAG-AFTRA. Davis is attached to produce and star in the picture, which is partially backed by her company, JuVee Productions.

“I appreciate that the producers on the project agree with this decision. JuVee Productions and I stand in solidarity with actors, SAG/AFTRA and the WGA,” Davis said in the statement.