The Union Fit Hub is located on the Atlanta Beltline. Photo by Noah Washington/The Atlanta Voice

The Union Fit Hub, a fitness and lifestyle facility, recently opened its doors in Atlanta, along the Beltline. Spanning 10,000 square feet within the Telephone Factory Lofts, this establishment offers a range of amenities and services.

Founded by entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, Ty McMath, The Union Fit Hub aims to redefine the traditional gym experience and provide a platform for fitness entrepreneurs to connect and grow. One of the distinguishing features of The Union Fit Hub is its diverse range of offerings. In addition to a fully equipped fitness center, the facility includes various spaces to cater to the multifaceted needs of its members. 

“When we were putting the space together, we were thinking, would people actually work out on a treadmill and have smoothies and drink wine? We had a running group come in while New Realm was providing brews, and we had to kick them out. People were working out and networking like it was a Starbucks,” McMath told The Atlanta Voice.

Included in the facility is a photography studio that allows athletic brands to capture promotional shots, while a podcast studio provides a platform for fitness-related discussions and content creation. Furthermore, a well-equipped kitchen, the D.O.P.E Healing IV and a refreshing juice bar are also available to enhance the overall experience. Joining McMath in his efforts was Todd Holmes, who came on as a sales partner and developed into a robust partnership between the two shortly after McMath’s conception of the facility.

The podcast studio inside The Union Fit Hub, which is located on the Atlanta Beltline. Photo by Noah Washington/The Atlanta Voice

“I like to find a visionary that has a great idea that I can meet and engage with on a personal level and based on the content of their character I can believe in them and invest in them. I like to be someone who can support someone like Ty McMath,” Holmes told The Atlanta Voice.

 The Union Fit Hub encourages a social and collaborative atmosphere, where individuals can exercise, network, and enjoy various amenities simultaneously. McMath’s vision for The Union Fit Hub extends beyond physical fitness. He aims to create a community centered around wellness, and to facilitate this, he has collaborated with vendors such as The Metric Mate, GoJuicy ATL, and Bondy NV.

 These partnerships offer members access to a black-owned fitness application, a health juice alternative, and quality fitness apparel. By incorporating these vendors, McMath seeks to emphasize the importance of nutrition and provide opportunities for shared experiences within the fitness community. Notably, Ty McMath’s commitment to fitness and community-building extends beyond The Union Fit Hub. Torch Fitness was McMath’s previous venture and introduced fitness and wellness to multifamily communities. 

With The Union Fit Hub, McMath aspires to create a space where fitness entrepreneurs can connect and thrive. Currently stationed in the historical Telephone Factory Lofts building along the BeltLine trail in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood, The Union Fit Hub benefits from a rich historical backdrop. The building, originally constructed in 1938 as the Western Electric Telephone Factory, which was later converted into lofts. 

The location was chosen deliberately by McMath so that they can provide accessibility to fitness professionals who may be priced out of the city center, ensuring clients have a true option for their fitness journey.

“A lot of our talent started moving outside the city when the real estate got really high and for them to have their place they would have to go outside the city,” McMath told The Atlanta Voice

The Union Fit Hub is located on 828 Ralph McGill Blvd NE w4, Atlanta, GA 30306.