The Fall Back in Love Comedy and Music Jam will be in State Farm Arena on August 5.  Screenshot of Eugene Parker by The Atlanta Voice

The Fall Back in Love Comedy and Music Jam is coming to Atlanta on August 5, 2023, in State Farm Arena. The event is hosted and created by comedian Rip Michaels who is in collaboration with the television, film, and live event entertainment company 5120 Entertainment.  

The event features music artists and comedians such as Monica, Mario, Jacquees, August Alsina, DC Young Fly, Rip Michaels and more. 

So far, Fall Back in Love has been on tour since February this year. They have performed in Texas, Michigan, Louisiana, and California. Fall Back in Love has sold out multiple arenas, including Little Caesars Arena, in Detroit, MI, during a blizzard.  
The Fall Back in Love Comedy and Music Jam will be in State Farm Arena on August 5.  

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The Atlanta Voice: Why is Atlanta such an important stop on the tour? 

Rip Michaels: Atlanta is a part of the culture…if you can penetrate Atlanta, you can bring entertainment whether it is movies or live events and if Atlanta receives you, it is almost like LA, then the world will receive you, the rest of the country will receive you,” said the CEO of 5120 Entertainment Eugene Parker.  

Michaels added that Atlanta is home to a lot of the musicians and comedians on the tour and they told Rip, “You got to bring it to Atlanta.”      

AV: Why do you think music and comedy work so well together? 

RM: They say R&B is dead and people say standup is dead, so I came up with the concept of Fall Back in Love and just ran with it. This is my first time selling out an arena when the actual snow is coming down and they are telling you not to get on the road. Detroit showed us so much love, so it has just been a successful tour and Atlanta is going to be no different.

Michales described his expectations for the event Saturday as “Something Atlanta has never seen in a very very long time…you may see some surprise guests that you never expected to see.”

Parker added, “I expect a wonderful show. I expect the people to come out to laugh, sing and dance, and just get a real good show.” 

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