The College Park Skyhawks hosted open tryouts this past Sunday in preparation for the upcoming 2021-22 NBA G-League season.

The tryouts, held at Woodward Academy in Atlanta, were for an opportunity for participants to land a spot on the Skyhawks’ training camp roster. An estimated 70 participants showed up to the tryouts, but only a few will be selected to join the late October training camp.

Steve Gansey, the Skyhawks’ newly named head coach, was excited about the great turnout. 

“I was really looking forward to seeing who was going to show up and who was going to be there,” Gansey said. “Being at Fort Wayne for a number of years, I always saw a different type of player come through that region out there in the Midwest, so I was really looking forward to seeing what Atlanta had to offer.” 

As the new face of the Skyhawks, Gansey used the tryout session to welcome newcomers to his style of coaching, “explaining some of my philosophies offensively and defensively and tell them exactly what I want to see and what I want them to do,” he said.

The Skyhawks’ co-owner and rapper “2Chainz” joined the team’s tryouts and gave some words of encouragement to the players who Gansey said were locked in and actively listening.

The team will start the season with its first game November 5 against the Maine Celtics.

“I’m really looking forward to speaking with our General Manager (GM) Tori (Miller) and the rest of the staff and putting together this training camp roster and having a really good roster to start the season and hopefully win a lot of games and develop these players,” Gansey said.


The College Park Skyhawks hosted tryouts last weekend. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Atlanta Hawks Organization)