Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center launching a Peach Bowl Signature Cocktail Exhibition to take place on Sunday, December 4th during SEC Championship weekend.

Contestants of this exhibition will consist of the winners from Atlanta’s Rellies MOYA 2022 Bartender Qualifiers Competitions, representing various neighborhoods in the city.

Guests will be able to visit VUES Lobby Bar, where the winning cocktails from each qualifier event will be featured. Each contestant will be given the chance to introduce themselves and their winning cocktail before kicking off the creation of their Peach Bowl entry cocktail.

Designated cocktail commentators will give audience members the play-by-play of the creation process for each contestant, and guests will enjoy live music from the Moya DJ throughout the event.

The winning cocktail from the exhibition will be crowned Omni’s official Peach Bowl inspired cocktail and will be featured in the Hospitality Suite during the Peach Bowl Game on Saturday, December 31st . The winning bartender will also be invited to make the drink on game day in the lounge.

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