The Atlanta Voice sits down with NutriThick Founder and CEO, Tiffany Davis

Insecurities are common for many people, especially as they relate to body image. Entrepreneur Tiffany Davis is no exception. Based on issues she had with her own body, she chose to find a solution for a physique that she was not completely happy with. This process would ultimately result in Davis becoming a millionaire.

 “I was trying to find a way back to my normal size, or just get a little bit bigger, because after breastfeeding, I was really small and I didn’t feel feminine,” Davis said. “I didn’t feel like myself.”

Davis believed that there was a solution for developing a curvier frame, which could be obtained naturally and safely. She conferred with a colleague from school; their work resulted in a group of all-natural products that ultimately gave her the physique she desired. Nutrithick was born.

“I consulted with a chemist who I had known in college, and she gave me her references and ideas from a clinical standpoint,” Davis explained.

Nutrithick is a company dedicated to helping women gain weight naturally. While most weight gain products might contain questionable or artificial ingredients, it was important to Davis that her products were all-natural and healthy.

Pictured: Tiffany Davis, Founder of Nutrithick. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Image)

Davis, an Essence Magazine Beauty Award winner, is proud of the work she’s accomplished at Nutrithick. She views her products as a means to effectively promote self-care and self-love among her customers. 

Equally important to Davis is distancing herself and her products from the negative energy that lives on social media. She hopes that an improved self-image for her users is not confused with arrogance or conceit.

Based on the number of sales she’s thus far been responsible for, there is a large number of people who are very happy with the system’s results.

Hennessy Carolina Almanzar, the sister of Grammy award-winning rapper Cardi B, speaks glowingly of her experience with Nurtithick.

“Make sure that you are consistent with this…[because] it helps improve breast and hip size,” Almanzar said.  

Davis states that Nutrithick is the answer for those who wish to gain weight, and thereby improve their overall attractiveness. 

“If you want to feel more feminine, we have amazing products that consist of maca root, saw palmetto, fenugreek creatine and B vitamins,” Davis said. “You will get a lot of energy just from taking the product.”

Davis wants to provide an opportunity for every woman to look the way they truly want to look, without sacrificing their health by way of dangerous eating habits or uncertain diet supplements.

“I want to reach the masses,” she said. “Every country, every nationality and every color, because my product is for women, not just for a particular type of woman.”

Alexis Grace is a recent graduate of Clark Atlanta University and a current Graduate student at Agnes Scott College. During and after her time at CAU, she has worked and interned for several publications...