“I couldn’t think of anything that I could compare it to. The film is ambitious, which makes me excited about it. I want to do the stuff that will be remembered 30 years from now. The stuff That is not out there yet,”


Film producer Stephen Love explains why The Cloned Tyron was a project he couldn’t say no to. The film is Netflix’s next summer blockbuster. It contains a fantastic cast led by a promising Black director and an entertaining approach to government conspiracy theories. Love elaborates that Netflix subscribers will get something they have never seen before with this movie.

“People should see they cloned Tyrone because they have never seen anything like it. If they don’t see it. We may never get another Black movie with a big budget that gives you Sci-fi, mystery, and comedy,”

They Cloned Tyrone premiers on Netflix on July 21. A screening of the film took place At the American Black Film Festival on Wednesday, June 14, in Miami Beach. The film stars John Boyega, Teyonah Parrish, and Jamie Foxx. The film is directed by Juel Taylor and produced by Stephen Love. They Cloned Tyrone is about three people who discover the government is doing mind control experiments on their neighborhood and has been doing it for a long time. The film follows the three lead characters as they peel back the layers to reveal what the government was doing to the public.

According to Love, the cast was magical together, as he saw terrific performances from everyone on set. The Cloned Tyron was shot in the Fall of 2020, there was a limited amount of people to be on set while shooting, but those times brought great moments from the leads and supporting actors.

“Teyona, I think, for the first time, had an opportunity to let loose and be funny for the entire movie. The first day I saw Teyonah and Jamie Foxx go at it performance-wise, I was like, Oh, this is going to be dope,” said Love

“Foxx is an established talent. Seeing a young talent like Teyonah go toe to toe with him is amazing. Then you Have John Boyega come in with the opposite energy of their banter, and it plays so well on screen,'” said Love.

Netfilix believes in They Cloned Tyrone. The streaming platform releases plenty of shows and movies throughout the year, but they put more momentum behind this film. Love breaks down how Netflix aims to be a space to elevate new filmmakers.

“Netflix will get behind you if you have something to prove. They also want to prove they can launch a big new voice of a filmmaker in Joel. Universal launched Jordan Peele with Get Out. Other studios have a history of launching careers. Netflix has been known for attracting talent already launched. Still, now I feel like they want to elevate groundbreaking filmmakers like Joel,” said Love.

They Cloned Tyrone poses the right components to captivate Netflix subscribers this summer. 

Love and the rest of the team behind They Cloned Tyrone intends to deliver a message through the film. The film producer describes his type of filmmaking as medicine in the candy. Love says you will leave full after watching the movie.

“They Cloned Tyrone is a signature project because it embodies everything else on my slate. We may explore a societal issue at the center of it or a life lesson, or even a nugget of wisdom. Still, we’re going to drape it in genre and entertainment heavily. It won’t feel like work to take it in, but you will feel fed,” said Love.

Clayton Gutzmore is a freelance journalist in South Florida. He published stories in several news outlets including The Miami Times, 91.3 WLRN, The Atlanta Voice, BET, and Variety Magazine. Gutzmore graduated...