“Land is essential because it is critical to wealth,” explains Nubiyn Mzekewe to a group of his peers in a small coffee shop in the middle of Glenwood Park. 

Mzekewe moved to Florida in 1991 to begin his career with the United States Navy. After three years, he enrolled in Southern University in Baton Rouge. He decided that he wouldn’t pursue a Ph.D. in history like his fellow classmates; with a love for words and research Mzekewe would instead become an attorney.

His first case he worked on as a law clerk at Ed Downs and Associates was a foreclosure case. “They’re going to take my house,” was the first thing Mzekewe remembers how the client described his case. Although the case didn’t go the client’s way, it pushed Mzekewe to continue to practice, starting his law firm in Riverdale the same day he passed the bar. 

Mzekewe always carried with him a deep understanding from his days as a history undergraduate student that land was the most critical thing we (humans) have besides each other.  

“My mentor was Edward R. Downs, Jr. of Ed Downs & Associates,” Mzekewe said. “I met Mr. Downs when I was 32 years old, and he had already been practicing 33 years. His mentorship allowed me the opportunity to fine-tune my craft at his law firm. I am grateful for his guidance.” 

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MZEKEWE Ltd. Co. is a specialized real estate, business, and probate litigation law firm. Despite his background in general practice, Mzekewe established a law office to handle business and real estate needs. During his career he has helped many clients, winning awards for damages, costs, and attorneys’ fees; negotiating agreements and settlements and satisfying clients to resolve problems that sometimes seemed insurmountable. Mzekewe emphasizes maximizing client interests and getting a fair deal at the negotiating table or courtroom.

Mzekewe has been practicing for nearly 13 years averaging seventy-five cases per year. His clients are both seasoned or budding entrepreneurs living locally or abroad. Mzekewe aims to deliver good representation and advice to the public to help combat the growing need for affordable housing. Serving the Greater Metro Atlanta region, Nubiyn has actively worked with Atlanta’s Black residents to understand that even with the less access to funding and the grueling process of ownership, the key to understanding money, transactions, and property would come down to partnerships.   

Besides practicing law, Mzekewe spends time with family and friends and combs the globe for good food, festivals, and music. He loves to trek and travel with family and comrades. Coming from a large family, he believes that keeping the property in one’s family name is the key to furthering the narrative of a community.

“Land in the family gives the family the right of dominion to everything on, over, and above the property,” Mzekewe. “That’s essential. When you own land (the corner store), you get to create a community and culture. It is my job to inform people like us about the protection of ownership and enterprise.”

Nubiyn Mzekewe can be reach via his website: mzekewe.legal