Indie Night Film Festival Atlanta held its first event on Sunday, June 11, at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta. 

Hosted by actor Morris Chestnut, the event received support from a few known attendees which consisted of actor Clifton Powell (Ray, Menace 2 Society, Selma Lord Selma), actor A’zaria Carter (P-Valley), actor Jill Marie Jones (Girlfriends), actor and producer Terri J. Vaughn, actor Karon Joseph Riley (Saints & Sinners), actor Tre Rogers (BMF), actor Mike Merrill (Finding Happy) and more. 

“Indie Night Film Festival is about building this community and bringing writers, directors, actors, producers together,” said, Dave Brown, founder of Indie Night Film Festival. There are a lot of people out there who are talented. They’re talented but they don’t know the direction. They have no direction on how to get where they need to be.”

“Even if you land in Hollywood, you can’t just walk in and say ‘Hey, I’m a writer, take me in’, or I’m a director or actor. You have to be in that community of people. It’s about establishing yourself in what you want to do and letting people see you show your work.”

Brown, manager for Jamie Foxx and Morris Chesnut, is the founder of Indie Night Film Festival which he created as a weekly event in Los Angles. This year, he decided to bring the event to his old stomping ground in Atlanta, from his years at Morehouse College, after the success of Indie Night Film Festival in Los Angeles. 

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Indie Night Film Festival)

The goal of Indie Night Film Festival is to provide a space for filmmakers and those wanting to get into the industry to showcase their work. In addition, newcomers to the entertainment industry are able to network with established individuals to further their careers. 

After realizing the success of Indie Night Film Festival in Los Angeles, Brown decided to move towards hosting the event in select cities, bringing it to those who aren’t able to attend any of the popular film festivals in other cities and countries. Indie Night Film Festival brings the film festival to them. 

Brown highlights a particular individual who showed up to Indie Night Film Festival in Los Angeles, which led to mainstream success. 

“There’s this guy named Juel Taylor, he brought his short film to me and I saw it. I thought it was incredible, so I brought all of my producer partners in on it. They saw him and his film, and were excited about it. We took him to CAA and got him signed. He ended up writing Creed II and another person who can to Indie Night Film Festival directed it as well. Taylor went on to also write Space Jam 2 and then directed They Cloned Tyrone starring Jamie Foxx.” Dave said. 

Chesnut added,  “One of the things that I tell people is to stay consistent. We all have hopes and dreams, and whenever we do a project, we’re excited and optimistic about that project because we’re hoping that people see it and it takes us to the next level. Even if it doesn’t just stay consistent in doing what you’re doing.”

While in Los Angeles, Indie Night Film Festival is held as a weekly event, Brown wants to make the Atlanta version, and other cities, monthly events. Additionally, Brown intends to bring the work seen at the Indie Night Film Festivals that are hosted in other cities back to Hollywood. 
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