MARTA has a number of projects set t o take place next month. Photo by Donnell Suggs/The Atlanta Voice

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has a couple of big projects scheduled for the next couple weeks.

Paving the way

MARTA will begin repaving parking lots at eleven rail stations this winter. The following rail stations are Brookhaven, Chamblee, West End, Oakland City, East Point, and College Park on the Red and Gold Lines, and Ashby, Inman Park/Reynoldstown, Edgewood/Candler Park, East Lake, and Kensington on the Blue and Green Lines.

The repaving project is part of the MARTA 2040 program, a multi-year capital investment effort dedicated to enhancing the transit system and improving the customer experience.

The parking lots will be repaved in phases to reduce impacts to parking availability. MARTA will work to provide enough spaces at each station to meet customer need. During the project, pedestrian and bus access at rail stations may also be temporarily relocated.

MARTA Track Replacement

Through Feb. 17-22, MARTA will suspend rail service south of Medical Center Station from 9 P.M. until the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 22 for track replacement work.

Red line service to the airport will remain on a reduced frequency from Thursday, Feb. 23 to Sunday, Feb. 26. Red line service north of the Medical Center, as well as rail service on the gold, blue, and green lines will operate normally.

To assist customers, free bus shuttles will run continuously between Medical Center, Buckhead, and Lenox Stations, and a $10 Uber or Lyft voucher will be available through MARTAConnect.

Details on how and when to download the voucher will be provided as the project date nears.

MARTA is investing approximately $225 million in State of Good Repair work on its heavy rail lines to enhance the safety of the rail system, reduce train delays, and improve customer experience. The Track Replacement Program is a multi-year effort to replace track and switches throughout the rail system.

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