Credit: International Nova

Season 3 of the highly-anticipated Starz drama “Step Up” premieres Oct. 16, and fans of the hit show can’t wait to see how the storyline resumes.

Based on what we’ve seen last two seasons and a Season 3 trailer that was released in late September, viewers will know to expect all sorts of passion, betrayals and scandals since the characters are all known for their scheming and manipulation to make it to the top of the make-believe music and dance empire – and hopefully stay there.

Fans are also excited to hear the show’s familiar theme song, which was the result of a collaboration between show star Ne-Yo and Latin artist, producer and actor International Nova.

International Nova and his partner Keyz Da Mogal worked with Ne-Yo to officially produce the show’s theme song.

They actually began creating the piece last year, before the show premiered. But they couldn’t give a lot of details other than that they were involved, and the song was going to be epic.

Now that the show is proving to be popular with viewers, there’s a lot of interest in Ne-Yo as well as International Nova.

Ne-Yo is an accomplished singer, songwriter and dancer. He is especially known for writing Mario’s “Let Me Love You” and “Because of You” for Michael Jackson.

In “Step Up,” he has one of the lead roles as Sage Odom, a popular entertainer as well as the founder of High Water Performing Arts School, known for turning out impressive dancers. He plays opposite Collette Jones, his romantic and business partner, played by Christiana Milian, replacing Naya Rivera who passed away over the summer. This personal-professional dynamic creates tension, especially when they both try to do what they think is right for the company.

International Nova, originally from the Bronx neighborhood of New York City, is an accomplished singer and actor. He performed with a variety of bands over the years and moved to Atlanta to pursue his solo projects. Earlier this summer he released two popular singles that will be part of an upcoming album, “Pa Mi” and “Dime,” featuring dancehall singer and artist Vanessa Bling.

He previously released other hits including “Controla” and “DALÉ.”