Holloman family members during the rally. Photo by Menra Mapfumo/The Atlanta Voice

On Thursday, Aug. 10, a 62-year-old man named Johnny Hollman died in custody after being shot with a taser by an Atlanta Police Department (APD) officer. Since that time Hollman’s family have been seeking justice.  

On Thursday, Aug. 24, several people rallied alongside members of Hollman’s family at Atlanta Police Department Headquarters. The group marched to Atlanta City Hall then held a press conference on the steps. 

Hollman was the chairman of the deacon board at a local Atlanta church. He was also a father, grandfather, uncle and a brother, says his family. 

Prior to Hollman’s death, he had called APD after being involved in a car accident. During the officer’s investigation, they determined Hollman caused the accident. The officer tried to take Hollman into custody, but according to Atlanta PD, Hollman became “agitated and uncooperative,” which led to the use of the stun gun. 

Holloman would become unresponsive while in custody. Hollman’s family later arrived at the scene and found paramedics attempting to resuscitate him in the street. He was taken to Grady Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. 

Hollman’s daughter, Anitra, told reporters that she was on the phone with her father during the altercation. She also said during the altercation, “My daddy asked two times for help. ‘I can’t breathe’.” 

She expressed, “I am very upset, and I keep saying it. From the moment I stepped on the scene I have been outraged. I will not rest until my daddy gets justice.”  

There has yet to be an announcements of a second rally. Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens has ordered an investigation into Holloman’s death. Photo by Menra Mapfumo/The Atlanta Voice

Kamau Franklin, an organizer and writer for Black Power Media, vocalized what brought him to the protest. “[Hollman] never should have been killed or tased,” Franklin said. “The fact that injustice was done, the city has ignored it, the police department has ignored it, is what brings me out here and what brings out the larger community to stand with the family and stand with the community to demand justice for Johnny Hollman.” 

Since the protest took place there has not been a solution between Hollman’s family and APD. Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens has ordered a full investigation into Hollman’s death. It has not been stated if there will be another protest in the future.