During its April 20 meeting, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners approved the use of $1 million from the Beltline Tax Allocation District for an enhancement to the book collection of Fulton County library system.

The shelf-ready books will be distributed to all of Fulton County’s 34 libraries. Libraries are among Fulton County’s most popular services among more than 1 million residents. Fulton County Vice Chairman Liz Hausmann believes this is an investment that will benefit all residents.

“Reading is proven to enhance our quality of life at all ages,” said Hausmann. “This investment will expand our collections and alleviate long wait times for our most popular titles just in time for the Summer reading season.”

The Fulton County Library System serves as a cultural and intellectual center that enriches the community and empowers all residents with essential tools for lifelong learning.

The Fulton County Library System is the largest in the state, with 34 libraries. It offers innovative programs, services, and virtual resources tailored to meet the needs of each branch’s community. Children, teens, and adults may choose from a variety of classes, visit exhibitions, listen to authors discuss their work, check out videos, DVDs, and CDs, attend book club discussions, get homework help, hear music and see live performances.