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ATLANTA – For the first time, corporate talent acquisition specialist Mercedes Johnson breaks her silence about the contentious Facebook post that has gone viral—and remains a globally debated topic.

On Friday, January 28th, the freelance business professional published a post on her personal Facebook page recapping an experience with a recently interviewed candidate. Subsequently, one of her page followers captured a screenshot and shared it on Twitter, which sparked back and forth banter resulting in thousands of comments, re-shares and tags. The conversation also transitioned onto Reddit (HERE), where nearly 3,000 people have expressed their sentiments, agreement and disdain for the post.

In addition to being shared thousands of times, the commentary has landed on global news outlets, blogs, YouTube reaction videos, with interview requests continuously pouring in from major television networks.

Looking to shed light from her vantage point, Merceds shared an official statement from her YouTube channel.

“It is my goal to shed light on the intent of the post, clean up inaccuracies and ultimately to clear the air.”