Aretta Baldon (I) is a 1995 graduate of Spelman College and has lived in Atlanta for over 25 years. Her daughter graduated from APS in 2020. Baldon is a former parent organizer and PTO President.

Baldon, who was first elected to the board in a 2019 special election, said she decided to run because she realized that a student’s zip code determined the quality of their education. She hopes to continue her work on the board by focusing on student outcomes and supports and making sure the people of district 2 have their voices heard.

“I’m the best person for the job, I’ve injected a positive analytical engaging attitude into all that we do at APS. The bottom line is I have been doing the work and I’m committed to continue to do the work to take us to the next level.”








Keisha Carey grew up in Atlanta, she graduated from Charles Lincoln Harper High and Clark Atlanta University. Previously Carey worked as a substitute teacher before transitioning to corporate America.

Carey’s goals include addressing learning loss due to the pandemic and increased transparency between the schools and families. She also wants to increase high school graduation rates and implement entrepreneurial programs for APS students who are not college-bound.

“I’m an Atlanta native, I’m centered here, I’m a product of the school system, I’ve been here for years,” said Carey. “People should vote for me because people need to feel that they can trust the school system with day-to-day decisions, the school board needs to make practical decisions every day. A lot of people feel like they need trust— and therefore new leadership is needed.”






Bethsheba “Sheba” Rem moved to Atlanta 16 years ago and is a creative writing professor at Clark Atlanta University. She is a graduate of Detroit Public Schools.

Rem says she is going to be an advocate for the families and students in her neighborhood and wants to make sure they have access to all of the opportunities possible. She was partly inspired to run from hearing all of the good and bad stories of APS from kids in her neighborhood.

“I have over 20 years of experience in education,” said Rem. “My priorities are the health and safety of the students and the teachers. I won’t lead by absenteeism, I show up where I’m supposed to show up. More importantly, I have empathy, that’s something I think that we’re forgetting. These are young human beings who need leadership and empathy.”

(Photo Credit: Julie Yarbrough)
(Photo Credit: Julie Yarbrough)
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