For some reason, the phrase ‘rejuvenated in the spirit’ is resonating with me right now. My reference point however is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, if you can believe that. I have been revisiting Christ’s last experience on earth and was struck by the fact that God’s Christ had to be excited, if not relieved to be going home. I mean think about it this way. He humbled himself by putting on human skin to fulfill the new covenant under which we all now live. Now some of y’all might think I’m being a little sacrilegious here, but I promise you I am not.

After the beatings, stabbing, thorns and nails, after the praying to not have to go through the save the world ordeal and that father forgive them they don’t get it, I am sure Jesus was ready to get up out of here. Job well done! Mission accomplished! Let’s go be God again. What a rush! Can you imagine the celebration in heaven at the return of this Son?

Now if you remember before He left, He spent a little more time hanging out, letting folk see touch and feel His redemption of us. I can’t help but sense His expectancy of being a member of the Godhead again, as He continued to fulfill His calling. I know many of you can attest to a special feeling at knowing you’re going ‘home’ for Thanksgiving, Christmas, family reunions and other infrequent anniversaries and celebrations which bring sheer joy just at the thought of seeing loved ones soon.

There are many families arriving and waiting at airports today just to see and touch once again their loved ones. There are children about to burst with unbridled enthusiasm because they know in a few minutes, mommy or daddy will be coming in that door right there. It’s what makes this pandemic so tortuous. You remember how important family really is don’t you?

That anticipation is what I am describing as ‘rejuvenated in the spirit.’ I just believe if we could view the cross as a symbol of our eternal life after death, then maybe we could look upon death a little differently than we currently do. I mean really. If you call yourself a believer, then that’s what this is all about. The party for Christ had to be incredible. If the truth be told, that party is still going on and everybody is anticipating when you will walk through the door. That’s that Jesus thing again.

I find it illuminating that after death, Christ walked among us without the disfigured body on the cross, except for enough to make believers out of the doubting Thomases. That’s proof that when you get to the party, you too will be perfect in your form and perfect in your reception. This may not be a typical column but, based on the cross event, you too are transformed from ‘glory unto glory.’

If you can feel what I feel today, then you understand being rejuvenated. I am because He is. I will because He fulfilled the Word and I’ll see you when you get there.

I just know that’s a welcome to look forward to. Until then, may God bless and keep you always. 


(Photo Credit: Courtesy of James Washington)
(Photo Credit: Courtesy of James Washington)