Credit: Images courtesy of Christian Hip-hop Artist 2point0tnt

Being a hip-hop entertainer and producer in the mostly straitlaced Christian music genre can sometimes feel like a lonely road. But “2.0” (also known as ” 2point0tnt “) loves being out there on the edge.

This is actually a perfect place to be as a trailblazer, since it often means that he can have the whole stage all to himself. Being one of a growing number of Christian rappers, it’s a great way for 2.0 to connect with listeners and share his music – and his faith.

“Honestly, when I first got serious about doing this, I only wanted to listen to faith-based and Gospel music,” he said. “After a while, I realized that though the content was cool, I wanted the style & genre to match my Atlanta roots. I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I decided to create it myself.”

2.0’s contributions to faith & hip hop are a part of his own spiritual growth and journey & it has worked out well for his listeners. In the last year he’s built up a decent audience, including fans pleasantly surprised to hear someone rapping about spirituality as well as current issues they may also be dealing with.

He describes his sound as a mixture of the soul and consciousness of Southern hip hop, plus the figurative language of East Coast rap and the feel-good vibes of West Coast rap. Throw in eclectic sounds of pop and NeoSoul, and you have something unique and memorable.

He’s been inspired by the ‘Atlanta sound’ from the 1990s to 2015, and is self-described as a “product of 90’s hip hop”. He said pretty much everyone from that time influenced him and his music.

“I grew up listening to the radio, and since I can remember, I knew nearly everything on it,” 2.0 said. “This really created my musical foundation: loving pretty much everything played on a hip hop and R&B station.”

He did get into niche artists over the years, including Outkast, T.I. and Goodie Mob. He mentioned that he “dabbled in Jay-Z,” Jadakiss and a few others., and was influenced by them all.  As a producer, he drew from those same sounds as well as some from the past, including reggae/jazz and Afro beats. Essentially, he loves anything with live instrumentation “and a dope bass line” from a time when bands had to record live.

He’s also played the trumpet since age 8 and that early exposure music creation blossomed into him doing much of his own producing today.

The 2.0 most recently released a single featuring Project Pat under his new monacher “2point0tnt”.  The song is entitled “My Story” and 2.0 tells the story of how he got so firm in his faith as well as the lessons learned along the way. He enlisted the aid of hip hop veteran “Project Pat” who has also become serious about his faith recently.   The combination of their talents & a soulful memphis style beat created something memorable.

Fans of his previous music, including his years with TnT, a rap Gospel ensemble he once was in, may discover something a little different in his solo efforts.

“I think I’ve grown to incorporate a little more musicality into the production, as well as try to be a little more raw in the lyricism,” he said. “It’s a growth point for sure.”  

2.0 is excited about the future, which can include creating more music as well as using his gifts to help others, which means more performances & appearances at schools, prisons, homeless shelters, & pretty much anywhere anyone can use a message of hope and faith.

“I want people to know that I’m not just “2.0” because I’m special per se, but because Christ is my upgrade, & you can become a better version of yourself too.” he said.

For more info, follow him on social media  @2point0tnt