SAVANNAH, Ga. – Everyone knows the men currently engaged in political battle for the right to represent the state of Georgia alongside Senator Jon Ossoff (D) in the Senate.

First-year Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock and his challenger, political neophyte Herschel Walker, are all but household names, both in state and nationally. Media from all over the country made their way to Savannah on Friday night to witness the one and only debate between the two men. The attention paid to them has been constant.

There is however a third man running for that Senate seat, Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver and he was also in Savannah. The difference was Oliver was not invited to attend the senate due to his not having reached an arbitrary polling threshold. 

Oliver is not a household name, but believes if given an opportunity to speak to the public he can garner more support than what was taking place outside of the JW Marriott Plant Riverside District Friday night.

A woman holding a ‘Let Him Speak’ sign in support of Oliver stood vigil outside the debate venue. “Their excuse is that there are low polling numbers, but he’s not included in the polls,” Laura Owens, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Savannah said. “The rumor is that Walker won’t debate the Libertarian candidate.”

Walker is not planning to debate any other candidates going forward. Oliver, however will be in Atlanta for The Atlanta Press Club Loudermilk-Young debate series. So will Warnock. “If small government voters get to see us both they would be able to make an informed decision,” Oliver said. “I feel like I can articulate a message of freedom and small government.”

Warner Cunningham, a member of the Libertarian Party of Savannah doesn’t believe Oliver is getting a fair opportunity to speak directly to the voting public. “The fix is in,” he said. 

The tag line for Oliver’s campaign website reads “More choices = More voices.” Oliver offers voters a choice not named Walker or Warnock and he has another 12 hours before early voting begins Monday to tell them why they should make that choice.

Sunday at the GPB studios in Atlanta Oliver had his time to speak as one of two senatorial candidates participating in the Atlanta Press Club Loudermilk-Young debates. Walker did not participate in the debate and as is custom, Oliver had an opportunity to ask an empty podium a question. His question to “Walker” was why he didn’t show up for a debate with all three candidates?

Oliver also answered debate questions about veterans affairs, gun rights, immigration and the need for the runoff system in Georgia.

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