BP's Canadian head office in Calgary Alberta. BP's 2022 annual profit reached nearly $28 billion, more than double the previous year. Credit: jewhyte / iStock

 (CNN) — BP’s annual profit more than doubled last year to nearly $28 billion, extending a record run of earnings for the world’s oil majors that is adding to calls for higher taxes on the windfall gains.

The British energy giant said in a statement that underlying replacement cost profit rose to $27.7 billion for 2022, compared with $12.8 billion the previous year. The metric is a key indicator of oil companies’ profitability.

BP also announced on Tuesday a further $2.75 billion in share buybacks and hiked its dividend for the fourth quarter by around 10% to 6.61 cents per share.

The earnings are the latest in a series of record-setting results by the world’s biggest energy companies, which have enjoyed bumper profits off the back of soaring oil and gas prices.

Last week, Shell reported a record profit of almost $40 billion for 2022, more than double what it raked in the previous year after oil and gas prices soared following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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