Veteran real estate agent Gene Johnson and seasoned house “flipper” Kelley Parker make up The Construction Kings, a pair of property experts running their own construction company based in the Atlanta area. The two have completed a variety of projects together, building a vast portfolio of renovated homes that can be seen all over the city. The duo also works to give back to the community through teaching a variety of workshop classes, giving the general public a chance to learn how to achieve success as a contractor within Atlanta’s bustling housing market. The pair also gives pointers on using real estate investment as a vehicle to build generational wealth.

The Construction Kings are a pair of property experts running their own construction company based in the Atlanta area.
Photo courtesy of The Construction Kings

The Atlanta Voice spoke with the Construction Kings about their projects and the inspiration behind their successful business:

Atlanta Voice: Gene, what did your time working with Keller Williams Atlanta Partners teach you about the worlds of real estate and construction? How did it shape you as a real estate agent and construction professional?

Johnson: Keller Williams taught me how to write contracts, how to run comps and evaluate properties from a value standpoint. It was a great networking opportunity. 

AV: Kelley, you’ve flipped more than 150 homes over the past few years, likely following a similar routine or process each time. What’s your favorite step or aspect of the house-flipping process?

Parker: It can be perceived a lot of different ways because my favorite part of what I do when it comes to  renovating or building is the actual framing and sheetrock stage, because you actually get to see what you are creating come to life.  Most people that get into this space like the finishes and all that, but I like to see and be immersed into a space I created with the walls, ceilings and everything like that. 

AV: What sort of learning experience can the average student expect from your Building Builders Academy? 

Construction Kings: The learning experience is very genuine and authentic. We try to take the individual wherever they are at and give them the tools they need to be successful, and we also let them know it’s not just about building, it’s about mindset and it’s about being able to build your business as well. 

AV:  You teach the general public about the ins and outs of construction through your personalized training curriculum and through social media. What inspires both of you to spread your expertise to the world?

Construction Kings:  What inspires us is being able to inspire others.

AV: You’re both adamant about breaking generational curses through your tutelage. Why is real estate investment a great path for those looking to achieve this goal?

Construction Kings: Because it’s the #1 wealth builder in America, maybe even worldwide. 

AV: What advice would you give to readers who may be interested in the real estate or house-flipping industries, but need an extra push of motivation to pursue the profession either full- or part-time?

Construction Kings: I would say as far as taking action, in order to achieve anything it starts with taking action. Most people have all these fears in their mind that hold them from moving forward then they realize it’s not as bad as it seemed to be when they take action. Don’t be afraid to fail, failure is a part of the process. You are going to learn from your mistakes, and those mistakes help to give you the blueprint for success. 

To contact the duo about a house-flipping inquiry, or to learn more about their educational opportunities, check out the Construction Kings’ website,, or give them a call at (678) 250-8820.