Melz Grillz is a Black-owned dental healthcare and grillz business that is run by mother and daughter, Dr. Melissa (right) and Ariel Jones. Photo courtesy of Melz Grillz

In a male dominated jeweler and grillz industry, Melz Grillz is a rare gem that shines bright in Atlanta culture.

Melz Grillz is a Black-owned dental healthcare and grillz business that is run by mother and daughter, Dr. Melissa and Ariel Jones.

West Philadelphia native Melissa “Melz” Jones has run her own dental practice for 15+ years, while Ariel is the creative genius behind the grill designs and storytelling.

Melz has been pouring into the Riverdale, GA community for 15 years having established a successful private dental practice. Ariel, who has dubbed herself the “Zone 4 Princess”, aspires of investing in properties on and around Campbellton Road, where she was born and raised.

Ariel is the lead grillz designer and runs the day-to-day and is known on social media as Ariel Nazira or the Zone 4 Princess. Their private dental office is “A Family Dental Place” in Riverdale.

Melz Grillz provides an above and beyond luxury experience, one you will never forget. Each grill is customized to the individual’s story, with strong detail to the artistry and jewels chosen.

They plan on reviving the joy, fun, and art behind grillz, sharing the core of old Atlanta culture with the world.

The Atlanta Voice (AV): Why did you both decide to start Melz Grillz?

Dr. Melissa “Melz” Jones (MJ): Melz Grillz started as a way to merge the oral health disparities along with its associated miscommunications amidst the thrill of creating luxury custom diamond grillz.

Dr. Ariel Jones (AJ): We found that the majority of grillz designers are not licensed oral healthcare professionals, therefore their motive is securing the sale of their product and not maintaining the integrity of their client’s oral health.

MJ: Grillz has always been a staple in the hip hop and African American community at large, however the makers of custom grillz historically have looked nothing like their customers. After decades of strategic marketing which has labeled grillz as “ghetto” – Melz Grillz is hopeful to bring class, drip, and black excellence back to the conversation surrounding grillz.

AJ: We desire to circulate the approximately 69-billion-dollar jewelry and watch market share in the United States, according to Statista, back into our own communities.

AV: What makes Melz Grillz stand out?

MJ: What makes Melz Grillz stand out is from its social media presence to its family-oriented approach, and their exquisite creative designs separate it easily from the competition. Melz is the first ever Black woman owned grillz business, period. We continue to set the standard a step above their predecessors.

AV: Was there a moment that inspired you to start this business?

MJ: No, there was not a specific spark of a moment that began Melz. It started as a concept Ariel dreamt up. Ariel has been inspired by grillz since becoming infatuated with 106 & Park as a child, watching it daily as she got home from school. As a sophomore, she brought the business idea to me while attending Woodward Academy, claiming the popularity of the product among the students at the school and in popular culture. At the time, I shot down the idea. Almost 4 years later, we agreed to step out on faith to start the venture. After three years of hard work and dedication to the business and two failed jeweler relationships, Melz Grillz is becoming a recognizable force in its industry and local Atlanta community.

AV: Is there a mentor in your life that inspired/inspires you as a business owner?

MJ:  My mentor is Dr. Hazel Harper. She’s the first woman president of the National Dental Association respected dental professional in Washington D.C. for over 35 years, and Ariel’s Godmother. Dr. Harper and I met while she was attending Howard University College of Dentistry in 1992 and quickly took me under her wing. We have been inseparable since.

AJ: My mother is my greatest business mentor and inspiration. Watching her establish a successful dental practice as a single parent and sending me to a prestigious private school in Atlanta has been my greatest motivator. I grew up in the practice and learned many hands-on lessons in business at the office being an employee for the final two years in high school during summer breaks and during college. We create an unstoppable business force. My mom’s business experience intertwined with my youthful creative approach has proven to make a perfect match for and within Melz Grillz.

AV: What are your business goals for the remainder of the year?

MJ: We hope to expand our audience beyond Atlanta and become one of entertainment’s go to companies for luxury custom diamond grillz.

AV: Any advice to future business owners about taking the plunge?

MJ & AJ: Proverbs 3: 5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths straight.”

For more information on Melz Grillz, call Melz Grillz work line 470-845-6009 or visit their Instagram, follow on TikTok  , follow on Facebook