Atlanta realtor and owner of T.A.M.G Realty, Inc., Tiffany Gray is growing her business and teaching others about generational wealth. 

Last month Gray opened another business office in Smyrna, Georgia, where she acquired a whole building. With over 20 years in the real estate business, Gray has proven herself and is the expert when it comes to commercial and residential real estate. 

She also has offices in Roswell and Griffin, Georgia, a virtual office in New York, a staff of 30 people, and a few development projects in the works. Gray also has two other businesses, a car dealership and a daycare. With all that she has accomplished and has going on, she is determined to give back and help others.

“Twenty years ago, when I got into real estate, I was going door to door selling Kirby vacuum cleaners,” Gray said. “I went to real estate school, studied and took business courses. I began as a loan officer and held other positions, including an underwriter and post closer. My family moved around a lot when I was growing up that is why I am determined today to help people achieve the ‘American Dream’ of owning a home.”

Gray says working in a male-dominated industry as a developer and working in commercial real estate is both challenging and rewarding, as she works hard to gain the confidence and trust of her male counterparts to close deals. As a developer, she has new builds, and she also purchases older homes and rebuilds them.

“No one is teaching or coaching young people. There are so many people out there who don’t know what to do,” said Gray. “As a business coach, I’m teaching others, especially young people about real estate and wealth. The goal is to educate so that people can get real results, engage them with the resources and the tools, and then they can execute and put into action what they have learned. I want to help them have a little jump start. At 19 years old, I was lost and didn’t have that. I want to give back to youth and adults so they too can build generational wealth.”

Gray continued to say that her mother taught her to be a strong woman who can do for herself, not to depend on anyone and learn how to defy the odds. Gray has two daughters of her own and is already teaching them to never give up, to be persistent, and to know that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. Gray says she plans on acquiring more commercial properties. She has a spiritual coach of her own to help her stay grounded and focused. She is well-known for her professionalism and knowledge of the real estate business. Her company T.A.M.G. Realty, Inc. is a real estate and investment firm that specializes in real estate sales, development, and portfolio development to individuals and businesses.

“I’m still striving. My advice to others is to never give up and be persistent, even when there are obstacles. Everything I do is to give back and to help,” Gray said.

(Gray says working in a male-dominated industry as a developer and working in commercial real estate is both challenging and rewarding. Photo Credit: T.A.M.G. Realty)