AUSTIN, Texas — Season 3 of “Atlanta” will debut on March 24, with Season 4 set to air this fall. Season 3 will stream the day after its linear debut on Hulu for the first time.

“I’m Daniel Kaluuya and welcome to Get Out 2,” Donald Glover deadpans, greeting a packed house at the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX. He’s only half joking: the premiere episode of the 3rd season of Atlanta certainly bears a resemblance to the psychological thriller Get Out and it begins, appropriately enough, at Lake Lanier.

The introductory episode doesn’t feature any of the usual characters until the final seconds, an unconventional decision which Glover says fits the show’s “contrarian” tone. The tale is a dark comedy based on a true story, as re-imagined by the Atlanta writer’s room (which, by the way, sounds like an amazing group chat).

The 2nd episode of Season 3 finds the ATL crew on the European leg of Paper Boi’s tour, and a jobless, aimless Van has hopped on a flight to join them. Paper Boi’s status in the rap game has improved; Earn is no longer chasing evasive club owners around the nightclub for a few hosting dollars, but instead commanding large stacks of euros, which Paper Boi promptly blows.

But some things haven’t changed – Earn still can’t afford taxi fare, and Paper Boi’s groupie exploits take a turn for the worst. Meanwhile, Van and Darius (in clogs and Gucci) are on a wild goose chase of sorts, culminating with a surprise twist that may or may not involve a legendary artist.

Even after a nearly four-year hiatus, the Atlanta humor and social commentary remains intact.