Smith, Parker say women leaders need balance

By Kalin Thomas Contributing Writer | 5/31/2013, 6 a.m.
Judy Smith, the crisis management guru and real-life inspiration behind the uber popular TV series “Scandal”, recently received a Legacy ...
Judy Smith, the crisis management guru and real-life inspiration for ABC hit show "Scandal," and Actress Nicole Ari Parker of Showtime's famed TV series "Soul Food" receive honors at Spelman College.

Parker’s “Save Your Do” head wrap came from wanting more black women to exercise.

“I got the idea because I was on a retreat and wanted to do a private boot camp for some friends, but none of them wanted to do it because of their hair. And I thought we can’t stop working out because of our hair,” exclaimed Parker, whose product is now sold in Walmart.

In another session, the “The AJ Zone” fitness guru and Spelman Alumnus AJ Johnson gave a highly interactive workshop telling participants she was there to save their lives.

“You’re body, mind and spirit is your temple,” she said “We can’t live on fumes after we’ve given to our kids, our husbands and our careers…We’ve got to refuel and replenish ourselves first.”

Spelman rising senior Cierra Jackson of Columbus, Georgia said she learned a lot from the workshops. The political science major, who wants to become President of the United States, added that Spelman’s Women of Color Leadership conference is always inspirational.

“Coming from a place where I didn’t always have that support and that self-affirming belief that I know who I am, this conference always affirms it for me every year!”

Johnson concluded, “We’re already great, but we’re here at this conference to be even better.”