Super Bowl LVII
The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Mark Lee

Mark Lee

Stone Mountain

“I’m rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles because I think Jalen Hurts has amazing character. I love his story, from what happened in Alabama to the University of Oklahoma and now with the Eagles. I’m rooting for him.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Lakethia Albert

Lakethia Albert


“The team I’m going for is the (Kansas City) Chiefs because I am rooting for Jaylen Watson, a Lucy C. Laney graduate.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Franklin Douglas

Franklin Douglas


“My pick for the Super Bowl is that I really don’t care! I’m going for the Black Quarterback. Both Quarterbacks are Black so figure it out!!”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Eavion Anderson

Eavion Anderson


“I feel like Kansas City is going to win because they got #90 (Taylor Stallworth.) He’s going through the defense. They’ve got a good running back; he’s really fast. But it’s not even just that. I know they have good techniques and I bet money too, so…”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Ledlee Scott

Ledlee Scott

East Point

“I am only watching the Super Bowl because I want to see Rihanna perform. I really don’t care who wins or not because I don’t know what’s going on.”

Compiled by Vincent Christie