By Vincent Christie / The Atlanta Voice

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Terrance Thatch

“There’s three things I think that’s really important, to me, that the mayor should address; education, the gentrification issue and there’s traffic.”

Takaniigia Ojiiwawh
“One of the issue I would like for the mayor to address is the issue of police brutality. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing situation in this country and I think everyone should get involved and speak out about it because we see too many times where the police officers are not being prosecuted. I think the police officers need to be held accountable. For murder. And I think these judges also need to be held accountable because they are the ones who are not convicting the police officers. They give them a pass and I think that is why it continues to be done because they know that they are not going to be prosecuted… I just feel that is an issue that needs to be addressed right now.”

Juan Sanchez
“One thing I want the new mayor to do is to start the ball rolling on the legalization of weed or any kind of cannibis usage. For medical purposes, of course. That’s it.”

LaNeeks Luckett
Five Points Atlanta
“I think, with the new mayor coming into office we truly need someone to address the homelessness here in Atlanta. Homelessness is way, way out of control… People will come out and help animals but you have people out herewho’s hungry, who’s homeless, you know, who’s misplaced. They have no type of healthcare, no shelter; these are the people who need the help. You have two big stadiums right next to each other but you have city full of homeless people… They don’t really treat the homeless as if they are human. The morale needs to be tightened up here for us to care about our fellow brothers and sisters…

Joe Stewart
“One of the things I think the new mayor needs to address is the definitely the education issues that we are dealing with here in Atlanta. I am a former teacher. I taught middle school and high school. There’s is a deficit of support that I think teachers get in educating young students. I think we need a lot of help in that regard, whether is more and incentives in after-school programs or initiatives to help students get up to code or just get up standards in certain testing. I think that something that the Atlanta community would definitely benefit from, for the new mayor.

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