By Vincent Christie / The Atlanta Voice

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Latice Covington
“I don’t really care about the turnout of the election, however, my Grandmother was really, really excited about Keisha (Bottoms) so I am excited about that. I thought that with Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders backing (Vincent) Fort, that would, probably be, (Mary) Norwood’s runner up or competition, but, obviously not. So yeah, that’s it.”

Ronny Marshburn
“Yesterday, I voted for Ceasar Mitchel and my second choice would have been (Keisha) Bottoms and I am pretty happy with the results so it’s a win-win for myself. I will vote again in the next election and in the next election I will be voting for Bottoms for Mayor of the city of Atlanta.”

Taylor Sinclair
“I voted for Vincent Fort but he’s not actually in the runoff but I do still intend to vote. I, certainly, have some research to do to instead of just going off of others opinions. I just want to make sure I make an informed choice.”

Jordan Hamilton
“Even though my candidate did not win, I am not unhappy about the way the elections turned out and I do plan on voting in the runoff.”

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