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The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Dedren Snead

Dedren Snead


“I feel like there’s a 100% possibility that something like that could pass. Thinking about the importance of Black History and the idea that Black Culture and representation is something that everyone should not only know, but appreciate. But the way that it has been so politicized, especially with Georgia being a battleground state, I could see something like what we see in Florida happening here. We live in the Greater Atlanta area that is very blue but it is an island that is surrounded by a sea of red. So I really could see something like that happening here.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Tameka Tucker

Tameka Tucker


“I don’t think it should matter whether Critical Race Theory is taught in schools because it should be taught by families anyway.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Ronny Armstead

Ronny Armstead


“No I don’t think so, because there’s too many Black folks talking about Black matters in Atlanta. I think it would be very unusual for them to change that law, the way that people got so much concentration on Black Lives Matter. And I go to a lot of southern towns (outside Atlanta) and they really respect Black Lives Matter since Black folks have been killed. Even in those southern towns, they are changing their sides.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Sydney Baskett

Sydney Baskett


“I do believe that they would possibly pass a bill to ban Critical Race Theory in Georgia. I feel like our policies and political structure in Georgia is not too far off from Florida and Florida just passed theirs. So… ”

Compiled by Vincent Christie