African-American male hands holding American currency with single bill in focus.
The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Darrien Goodman

Darrien Goodman 


“I have the same amount of money in my pocket that I had several years ago. And it’s not that I’m doing less or haven’t really changed, actually I’m investing more money into things related to my business… The things I am investing in are a lot higher investment. So, in a way, the money is the same but my growth is different. My growth is better.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Olatunde Richardson

Olatunde Richardson

SW Atlanta

“I personally believe that I have gained more wealth than I had two years ago, solely due to the fact that  I have started my own business. I am making more than I was before. I was a server and the service industry. Money is not as consistent sometimes in that industry. So that was one of the silver linings with the pandemic, personally for me. I am the proud owner of Tunde’s Tea Shop.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Ribbie Gueye

Ribbie Gueye


“I sell a product called Ribbie’s Body Treats. Right now, because I am an entrepreneur, I make way more money for myself. Working for myself is so beneficial. I can live. I’m happy. It’s amazing. I encourage anyone who has a business to work that business themselves for at least two years. And then, after that, if they have to go and work for other people, they will know how the money works for them and makes them happy. So I’m happy. It’s not about the money. It’s about being completely free and I can do what I want to at any given time and I am just happy about that.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: Jaquavius Hunt

Jaquavius Hunt


“The economy, to me, is much worse than it was a couple of years ago. Me being a school teacher in the Bibb County School District, it’s hard for me to make ends meet and I get paid salary so it’s difficult. You’ve got to have more than one job unless you are self-sufficient and have your own business and you can thrive in this economy. But other than that, everybody is out here struggling with two or three jobs a day.”

The Atlanta Voice Your Voice: April Avalon

April Avalon


“I am a business owner with April’s Energy Wear and within the last two years, I would say that my wealth has gained because I am applying myself, moreso.”

Compiled by Vincent Christie