The Young Black Lawyers’ Organizing Coalition (YBLOC) announced the launch of its “Black Ballots, Black FuturesGeorgia” GOTV voter protection campaign, which seeks to empower Black voters and protect Black voting rights during the Georgia run-off elections.

“As we head into the final weeks of the Georgia runoff elections, it is critical that we mobilize as young Black lawyers and law students to empower Black voters to protect their vote,” said Abdul Dosunmu, the founder and chief strategist of theYBLOC. “Building on our voter protection work during the November general election, YBLOC is working in collaboration with grassroots communities in Georgia to ensure that Black voters are able to exercise their full political power.”

YBLOC will host a series of nonpartisan voter-protection education sessions with strategic partners and local media platforms to engage grassroots leaders to serve as voter protection ambassadors in their communities.

Sessions will be held December 13-15 and December 28 focusing on the Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) community and grassroots leaders such as local Black barbers. YBLOC will also engage in local advocacy to ensure the equitable administration of elections.

“In the Georgia runoff elections, Black voters will again have to navigate an election cycle fraught with voter suppression, the global coronavirus pandemic, and unprecedented attacks on democratic norms and traditions. It is imperative that we work to protect Black voters and Black ballots,” Dosunmu said.

YBLOC is the only network of young Black lawyers and law students mobilizing to protect and empower Black voters across the country through community-centered voter education, litigation and election protection support, and local advocacy.

Through the “Black Ballots, Black Futures”  campaign, YBLOC is activating 1,000 young Black lawyers and law students to protect and empower 500,000 Black voters in seven target states: MichiganPennsylvaniaNorth CarolinaTexasGeorgiaSouth Carolina, and Arkansas.

It’s November general election initiative, a seven-state voter-protection campaign, coordinated voting-rights litigation to protect 132,000 absentee voters in Arkansas.

Prompted by the litigation, the Arkansas State Board of Election Commissioners issued an order requiring that the counting of absentee ballots continue until complete. Prior to the order, Arkansas’s arbitrary counting deadline had placed thousands of absentee ballots at risk of not being counted.

During the November general election, YBLOC also distributed 180,300 items of personal protective equipment (PPE) to Black voters in Texas and South Carolina to ensure safe voting, led voter-protection training sessions in Black communities, engaged in robust local advocacy to hold state and local elections officials accountable, and mobilized legal volunteers to support national election protection work.

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Abdul Dosunmu, the founder, and chief strategist of the Young Black Lawyers’ Organizing Coalition (Photo Courtesy of the Young Black Lawyers Organizing Coalition)

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