The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets beat the Duke Blue Devils 81-77 in an incredible overtime win on Tuesday night. This is the fifth straight victory for the team and also their eighth conference win at home. The Yellow Jackets senior night started off with a slow but did not disappoint in the second half. With Duke’s star forward Mathew Hurts fouling out early, Tech was able to get the ball rolling late.

The Blue Devils came to Atlanta with the intention of slowing down Moses Wright. The Senior forward has been a terror when he gets to work in the paint. Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski certainly took notes. Duke forward Mathew Hurt and center Mark Williams locked down the lane early tonight. They made it almost impossible for Wright or Jordan Usher to get going in the paint. The defensive traps they created slowed things down for the Jackets and forced several shot-clock violations.

On the other end, Duke was able to get the rack too easily. Tech’s defense would break down on the interior with no one even attempting to contest the easy floaters from Duke. Williams was able to easily split Tech’s Khalid Moore and Wright for what shoulda been an impossible dunk. It wasn’t all easy for Duke as they struggled greatly with their perimeter shooting. The team shot 28.6% from behind the arc and 30.8% from the field. The team had several open looks late to win the game but couldn’t knock down shots.

Moses Wright was able to get cooking in the second half Duke relaxed on the double coverage. Duke forward Mathew Hurt fouled out of the game late in the second half. This made getting to the hole much easier for Tech. The team had a big play where Bubba Parham cut to Wright down low and set him up for a dunk. This was followed by a put-back dunk by Wright as he established his aggression down low. Jordan Usher and Jose Alverado were able to drive to the basket for easy scores in overtime. With Hurt out of the Game for Duke, scoring in the lane became much more accessible for Tech. Wright finished the night with 29 points and 14 rebounds as he continues to create a resume for ACC player of the year.

“It feels really good. First time beating Duke since being here.” Moses Wright said. “An overtime win on senior night. You can’t ask for more.”

Duke’s Wendell Moore had a night as Tech seemed to let him run free in the first half. Moore would either be left open on a defensive misread or break his defender down in isolation situations. Michael Devoe began to primarily take on the Moore assignment in the second half. He also got help from Khalid Moore as they finally decided to double team. Devoe did have a big block on the much larger Moore in the second half.

Jose Alvarado remained scoreless in the first half with the traps Duke created. Alverado had a big play where he broke up a pass from Duke’s DJ Steward. Alvarado was then able to set up Khalid Moore for two on the takeaway. Alverado finished the night with 10 points and three assists. Michael Devoe was able to make some key plays in the backcourt tonight as well. He was being guarded primarily by Wendell Moore and took advantage of the matchup. Devoe finished the night with 15 points and seven rebounds.

The Yellow Jackets are now 14-8 and will head on the road to Wake Forest, NC to face the Demon Deacons. With it officially being March, the madness will soon commence as Tech fights for a ticket to the NCAA tournament.

“Georgia Tech deserves to be in the tournament.” Georgia Tech Head Coach Josh Pastner said. “When you look at our numbers with the wins that we’ve had it’s a no-brainer.”

Photo: Georgia Tech Athletics

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