Women and men across Atlanta took part in the nationally coordinated Women’s March 2018 on Saturday, Jan. 20. Georgia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and actress Alyssa Milano were among a dais of speakers who galvanized the protesters with powerful and inspirational speeches.

Saturday afternoon, about 5,000 women and protesters gathered at 825 Warner Street, about one mile south of the West End MARTA Station, to protest the policies of President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party while galvanizing people to join The Resistance.

Following the march, a gathering themed “Power to the Polls” was hosted at The Bakery in southwest Atlanta by the Georgia Alliance for social justice. “Last year we marched for equity and social justice,” materials for the gathering read. “This year, we mobilize to use our strength to create a lasting impact.”

“We’ve got families that are fighting for survival when we should be fighting for success,” Abrams told a crowd of nearly 1000. “This is a state, and this is a nation, that knows better. Because we are the product of greatness. We are the progeny of men and women who refused to be told, ‘No!'”



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