“Whiskies of the World,” one of the country’s largest whisky tasting festivals, featured over 200 pronounced whiskies from Japan, Scotland, Canada, the USA, Australia, and Ireland at the Westin Buckhead on Nov. 4.

Featuring cigar pairing masterclasses as well as a bountiful pasta and sandwich buffet, guests were afforded a unique opportunity to interact with and gain knowledge from the faces behind global and local whiskey brands.

Event Director Douglas Smith, has been spearheading North America’s oldest whiskey tasting event for the past eight years, said the annual expo includes a diverse crowd of whiskey newbies and connoisseurs, who all come to sampe well-known favorites like Four Roses Bourbon and Woodford Reserve.

Other noted brands included Basil Hayden, Tokiwa Imports,  Elijah Craig, Jack Daniel’s, Cooper’s, The Glenlivet, Brenne, Laphroaig, Bowmore, Knob Creek, Breckenridge Distillery, Highland Park, Crown Royal, Evan Williams, Jim Beam, The Macallan, and Wild Turkey. Local newcomers ASW, Lazy Guy and Dalton Distilleries showcased expressions to suit vast palates.

For anyone new to the bourbon and whiskey scene, get adventurous with trying Cooper’s, Brenne, or Suntory Whiskey Toki. They all had very smooth, light flavors that would pair well in simple whiskey sours, fruity punches, or neat. If you’re more of a Jack Honey, Crown Royal, or Fireball sipper, try instead Clyde May’s Whiskey Alabama Style or Dalton Distillery’s Taza Ray the next time you visit your local spirits store.

For more about Worthy’s experience at the “2017 Whiskies of the World” expo, visit her blog.

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