I don’t know about you, but every now and then I get stuck in prayer. I mean sometimes I’m actually embarrassed to ask God for anything. When in truth, I’m very blessed to just be here.

When I look around, my problems are minuscule compared to many others whom I come into contact with each and every day. All one has to do is look at the news and the world’s current state of affairs. After doing that, I must admit that I truly have nothing to complain about.

It is at these times that my prayers are offered up on behalf of others rather than myself. And then there are those times, when while on my face, I can’t seem to focus on the matter at hand, prayer.

Now for those of you who possess the gift of concentration and meditation, I applaud you. I’m still working very hard to master the ability to empty myself and entertain the notion of inviting the Holy Spirit to fill me up. But I admit I’m not there yet and sometimes it’s just hard to clear my mind and intently pray.

What I’ve come up with as a potential solution to what I deem a problem, might interest some of you. When I
recognize I’m at a mental and spiritual impasse, I start thanking God for the blessing of just knowing Him. I give thanks for the privilege of making His acquaintance before I die and leave this earth.

I mean I could easily, given my past and my stiff neck died and never really known Jesus or the Lord. That prospect is both chilling and unnerving to me now.

It is at this point in prayer that praying becomes simple and clear. That point brings about much clarity of thought and spiritual calm.

Everything about a given day or experience, good or bad, gets put into what I think is absolute perspective. “God thank you for letting me, allowing me, giving me the privilege of knowing you.”

Now automatically and almost instantaneously, things become crystal clear. I’m blessed, period. If you know Jesus and have accepted Him as Lord, then you are too. And because I’m blessed my prayer can then become focused and targeted.

‘Thank you’ pours out of me like water. I’m thankful for life, healthy children, getting up this morning, the ability to help someone, my wife, my business, the opportunity to write this column and so much more. But most importantly, I’m just glad I know the Lord.

It didn’t have to be this way. I could be ignorant of Jesus. I could be conformed to this world and never have attempted to be conformed to Christ. Did I say then, in prayer, I can feel the Holy Spirit? I can then openly offer myself. I can honestly ask to be guided by God’s will for me.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is what the Lord’s Prayer says so perfectly. It’s all about the Lord. It’s all about Him. Thank you and in Jesus’ name please walk with me on this day.

In your prayer life remember this and may God bless and keep you always ways.

(Photo: Courtesy of James Washington)

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