For nearly 55 years, The Atlanta Voice has boldly covered those issues that have affected the African American community. 

Our founders Mr. J. Lowell Ware and Mr. Ed Clayton were committed to the mission of being a voice to the voiceless with the motto of “honesty, integrity, and truth.”

Born out of the Civil Rights Movement, this publication has chronicled the history of individuals and lifted the voices of our leaders, while celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of our people that continue today.

A few short weeks ago, life as we know it, was pretty different. It seems that overnight we have been thrust into a new livelihood where our sense of normal evolves every day. These are unprecedented times and we are working around-the-clock to provide the best possible coverage, sometimes taking risks to keep Metro Atlanta informed. 

The Atlanta Voice has always been freely distributed so that all people have access to the news and information that affects their lives. We have long understood that there are many in our community who continue to depend on our print publication as we also have grown our audiences in the digital space of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the meantime, we’ve had massive cuts to our revenue stream as we, like other local businesses, are at a critical moment. This important work is sustained by your financial support, through donations and subscriptions.

As such, we have partnered with the Local Media Association’s COVID-19 Local News Fund to ask our community to support our efforts to sustain local reporting right here in Metro Atlanta. We are asking for you to contribute to our ability to continue to deliver the news and timely updates on the COVID-19 pandemic to our community.

But this is only one of the efforts our team has executed to ensure that Metro Atlanta gets the news and resources they need during this difficult time. In addition to our COVID-19 news fund, we have curated our novel coronavirus coverage into a special landing page on our website, which can be accessed at

Additionally, our readers can sign up for our daily newsletter with carefully curated content with updates from the Mayor’s office, the Governor and the White House. We’ve also dispatched our reporters out into the community to give you all an opportunity to tell your stories about how this virus is affecting your lives.

As we continue our coverage — from live updates from local and national authorities to profiles on the businesses and residents are coping with the many changes to everyday life this pandemic has revealed — we are calling on individuals, businesses, and community foundations to help fund COVID-19 coverage and deliver life-saving news and information. 


Janis Ware, Publisher of The Atlanta Voice

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